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Which character do you think has the most potential, but keep getting written by bad writers, don't have the feats, or have the feats but people still put him/her/it as a weakling.

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Apocalypse for sure

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Gaea, Chrom, Cyttorak... In other words - gods. + maybe reality warpers (Proteus)

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Deadpool keeps getting badly written T.T

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I would say Hulk(people always put him in the dirt) and Sentry(he can be a Superman level, or higher, character, but he keeps getting written poorly).

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Blue Marvel. His anti-matter power should be one of the most powerful in the universe. Shang-Chi also.

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Hellion and Kid Omega

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Deadpool needs better writers, I miss when he was a great character first and a comic relief second. Taskmaster, Gladiator, Sentry (Some consistency would have been nice), Galactus (His top level showing are amazing, but his low levels are too low for someone supposedly at his level), and Spot (That article converted me).

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I feel that Captain Britain has tons of potential, but hasn't been written well since his Claremont years (which was, y'know....arguable by some).........also the squadron supreme just don't get enough highlite. I DID NOT like their re-vamp, but the original series was brilliant. they have tons of potential (even due to the fact that they are a JLA ripoff) and lots of un-tapped possibilities. I have also always felt that Wonder-man falls short of his proper due = has been used but not fully in the way that I always wanted him to be. I definatley think that Moon Knight need to be put in the right hands also.......

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In my opinion any character has that potential, all you need is a good writer.

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Any Green Lantern from Earth.

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Shang Chi. Iceman, maybe Apoc have already been mentioned.

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Deadpool definitely needs it - Daniel Way needs to be shot (in the nuts with a paintball gun ...)

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Tim Drake, any GL from earth EXCLUDING Hal especially John stewart, Static, Wonder twins, Space ghost

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Ronan The Accuser.

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@Deadcool said:

In my opinion any character has that potential, all you need is a good writer.

Yep, However i would like to see them turn Captain Ultra into a bad ass.

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@xerogod said:


@redbird3rdboywonder said:

Tim Drake, any GL from earth EXCLUDING Hal especially John stewart, Static, Wonder twins, Space ghost

@jeanroygrant said:

Ronan The Accuser.


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Franklin richards, cable (sans legacy virus), hope summers, static, miss martian, darwin, iceman, storm, amadeus cho, dr. voodoo, kid gladiator, wiican, damien wayne, zachary zatara, traci 13, blue beetle, the question (montoya), superman

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Hulk. Infinite strength.

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Bobby Drake

The Cold One

I'm tired of him being the designated driver :(

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@xerogod said:


Agreed. Iceman seems to be getting some good power expansion recently.

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Dc Comics:Martian Manhunter,Steel,Mr. Terrific,Atom,Deathstroke,Mr.Freeze....

Marvel Comics:Deadpool,Orka,Iron Fist,Luke Cage,Rage,Moon Knight....

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John Stewart (the GL). He has the best GL showing ever and yet he is mostly worse (sometimes matches) then Kyle and Hal.

That showing was when he was trying to re-create a planet but he maxed out the ring on Will. That is beyond anything else simply because he was the only one to max a ring out.

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The lava Chick


I'm tired of her just using fire I wanna see some lava & earth attacks

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Too Many to count. DC: Static, GL John Stewart, Blue Beetle, etc

Marvel: Storm, Iceman, Bishop, Sunspot, Magik, Darwin, Apocalypse

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Hope easily has the most expectations as far as reputation but easily is the worst at fulfilling those expectations. She is the most powerful mutant ever. Powerful enough that Jean, Bobby, Legion, Scarlet Witch and so on are suppose to be leaves blowing in the wind next to her and the best she has come up with so far is that she can copy the powers of other mutants and only other mutants. So her power is exactly like Synch or Mimic.

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Hope, Hulk, Iceman, Iron Fist, Daken

Mr Terrific, Static, Blue Beetle, Grifter, Green Arrow

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<----------- This guy (Ares)

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WONDER WOMAN for sure.

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Hope and legion...

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Hulk. He has high pontential for unlimited strength. He is also written bad HALF of the time. At one point he's beating the crap out of Thor, and another he cant even catch Wolverine. He has to many low showings that bring down his very high showings. He can be a doomsday level character.

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@BMEZY said:

Bobby Drake

The Cold One

I'm tired of him being the designated driver :(

This. AOA Bobby though has shown the potential that the 616 version is capable of.
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King Hyperion (this dude is superman who doesn't care)

Taskmaster (no matter how badass this guy gets he always ends up being the dude that runs away or gets beat to boost another characters standing.

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Depends on if you're talking about writing and character, or powers.

When it comes to character I'd say Diana. She's suffered under the curse of many writers of questionable skill and each one ignores everything the last one did. Its time for some quality and consistency.

In terms of who has the most potential in power, I would say Sentry. He's.. well.. you know.