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Killer INstinct rips a new one into the competition

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Tekken. They do some crazy stuff with their attacks. I mean, Heihachi survives-easily-a giant explosion that sends him flying for miles.

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Blaze will take care of them all on his own!

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okay what about versus bloody roar.

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I'd have to say Tekken has the best combat system. Killer Instinct was pretty bad ass, but I haven't played it in many years, since my n64 died, I wish they came out with new ones. Mortal Kombat has some really cool characters, but there are so many of them. Armegeddon is the best of all MKs because of the variety.

Heihachi could wreck anyone in any of these games.

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Tekken easy. 5 Names. Devil-Kazuya (Kazuya's the man don't lie), Angel, Devil-Jin, Ogre, Jinpachi Mishima. Nobody can mess with these guys.

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Tekken! :D

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Primal Rage pwns them all! :D