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Pre MK4/ The  Lin Kuei have ordered the destruction of Iron Man in order to stop him from shutting down their cross universal portals over China. Cyrax one of the Lin Kuei's best cyborg assassins received new orders to find and terminate Iron Man.  When the sparks finally fly between these two, which one will end up in the scrap yard. (This is an What If scenario the prelude to the fight is not factual. Btw don't just list a winner, please explain why either one would win or lose)  

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@Android-17: Lol. Iron man wins
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I give this to Iron Man, Cyrax is a good fighter, but Iron Man has some abilities that overpower his.

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@Aronmorales: Is Cyrax cybernetic? Is he a robot?
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Iron Man stomps easy

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@cracks: A cyborg last time I checked.
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@cracks:  He is cybernetic
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Cyrax has always been Cybernetic(in terms of showcasing and introducing the character) the only time we've seen them human remotely was in the cartoon series briefly. 
Anywho, if this is just Cyrax alone vs. Iron Man in his suit then Iron Man most likely won't let him get near him, although Cyrax does have some good abilities too such as , bombs, energy nets, cloaking, self destruct, teleporting and superior fighting skills via martial arts so I may not count out Cyrax... 
Also, if this Iron Man in his suit or not? If not, then I'm definitely voting Cyrax here easily, if Tony's in his suit then I'll honestly say either can win it. Iron man can fly and has energy blasts etc, increased strength but Cyrax has the improved strength also. He can't fly, but can teleport, has his suit's abilities at his disposal. 
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Iron Man wins all time.

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ironman wins because even if cyrax does self destruct, its not going to do any damage to his suit

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Cyrax is out classed here.

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I love MK and i'm glad to finally see a thread, but Iron man will annihilate cyrax.

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Iron man is good at keep away and with his vast array of long ranged projectiles, his abilities to fly, armor, speed, and strength. Iron man takes this.

side note: I'm glad to see some MK stuff as well.

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Cyrax is more of a hunter than a fighter actually, He is like Predator.

Even if he has pretty powerful stuffs like plasma net, rocket shoulder and saw hands its not enough to break through Tony s armor.