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Two of the most powerful teams, IMO.

Grant Morrison's JLA:

1. Superman

2. Batman

3. Wonder Woman

4. Orion

5. Aquaman

6. Kyle Rayner

7. Wally West

8. Zauriel

9. Plastic Man

10. Huntress

11. Marian Manhunter

12. Aztek

13. Big Barda


Geoff John's JSA:

1. Alan Scott

2. Captain Marvel

3. Black Adam

4. Power Girl

5. Hourman 1M (NO WORLOGOG)

6. Stargirl

7. Sand

8. Atom Smasher

9. Dr. Fate (Hector)

10. Jay Garrick

11. Hawkman

12. JJ Thunder

13. Mr. Terrific

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Hourman 1M devolves Superman to when he was a tween before his powers really developed, Wally to before his lightning splashed strike, WW to a pot of clay, and Plas to a two bit hood Eel O'brien. Batman, Orion, Aquaman, Kyle Rayner, Zauriel, Huntress, Marian Manhunter, Aztek, and Big Barda are not coping with powerhouses like Alan, Fate, J Thunder let alone three team members on Superman's power level.

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I'd go JSA on this one. Cool idea btw. It is very close i'd say. Captain Marvel, Black Adam & Powergirl would do ridiculous damage. Dr. Fate & Alan Scott may be too OP.