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Which one would triumph if a person was wielding the full power of each? If anyone wants to know about the Morphing Grid I started a page about it. I know the Battery has limitless power but I figured I'd start this because the Morphing Grid's full power has never really been tapped into. And a fresh battle thread that doesn't have any other thread's really like it.

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I think the Morphing Grid. But then again I'm a PR fanboy ;D

Page, you say? I'll check it out then and get back to you...

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I would go with the Morphing Grid. Especially if I could get superior PR abilities to that of the Evil White Power Ranger.

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They came up with a reason the PR morph?

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Since i despise The Power Rangers in all of their versions, i'll say The battery with no need to do research.


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The Grid's been around since the start of Power Rangers, it just didn't play a role in the seasons after Turbo, maybe In Space. Besides, it's hard to explain how technology can grant the kind of power the Rangers possess. At the start it was to give a basic source, and probably the reason it came up more in Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury was because the Rangers' power came from technology instead of magic like Mystic Force, and their power was more impressive then other technology seasons. Sorry if you didn't follow that.

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this a great battle,

power rangers seem to can be beaten, if they fight people on their level, they do not seem to use much willpower. So their MG(morph grid) does not seem to really give them beyond low level superpowers.

A gl ring or CPB is base of will power, as long as the will is strong the ring is stronger, and full power of the battery keeps getting define, as with the alpha lanterns rings.

I pick the CNA(central power batterry) .......for now...

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Thanks, though Rangers really are a lot like GLs. They wield incredible power but often don't use it to its fullest potential. I'm not saying that the Battery couldn't win, but remember this is the full power of the Grid. The Battery seems to have the same basic power as the Rings, it's just the source for that power. The Grid's full power can't be compared to anything because it's never been tapped into. A person wielding the full power of the Grid would have the combined power of every Ranger and more.