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Mordru vs. Neron 
full power, fight is in a neutral realm  
this is 21st century Mordru
who wins?
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Neron at peak levels wins here
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Neron(in a great fight).

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Neron lost to lady blaze. Lady Blaze was easily defeated by neopyte Kent V Fate. Mordru easily defeated Hector Fate who could only win with prep and outside help from Shazam and Nabu, plus advice fron Kent ( original), kid eternity and others. How does Mordru not stomp??????


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Reign in Hell was a very low showings for Nero, and that's where he lost against Lady Blaze and where Lady Blaze was rather convincingly defeated by Kent V Nelson. His showings during The Day of Judgement was pretty good, up until Spectre pwned him but that was always expected. I still agree with Beatboks1 assessment though, Mordru should win rather handily, Neron has insufficient proof to show his power level and feats to show he isnt as powerful.