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20th century Mordru

He gets revert back to normal Power Level after every match.

R1: Thor

R2: Mephisto in his Realm

R3: Thanos

R4: Odin

R5: Galactus

R6: Phoenix 5

R7: 4th Host of Celestials

How far does this guy gets?

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Stops at 2

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I think he stops at Odin... he will squeak by Mephisto in a tough battle and he can take Thanos but that again will be another tough battle. The Odin Force power should be able to overtake Mordru.

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Stops at 2

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I would say he stops at 5 ( Galactus)

Since during rounds 1 to 3 he will be absorbing their which will give him a good shot at taking round 4.

Normally I would say he would be able to give Odin a decent battle but only because he would be drawing on Odin's own power during the Battle to do so. If he hadn't battled them first and absorbed power I'd agree he'd loose there. He wont get past Galactus, at least not the 20th century version pictured. The 30th Century one who was able to absorb the power of Infinite man and could have destroyed the universe at a whim would have but then that version also One shotted Classic Fate after he had been amped by the power of both Alan Scot and Hal Jordan. He also soloed the combined Silver Age JLA / JSA / LoSH.

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While beating Mephisto in hell is pretty hard its not impossible. Although i honestly think Mordru would struggle there.

Thanos and Thor should get beat up easy.

Odin and Mephisto will test him greatly, i am still unsure if he can win those, loses against Galactus though.

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Stops at Mephisto.

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No way does he stop at Mephisto. He defeated and absorb ed the power of dozens of Lord of Order and chaos who are Mephisto level. Let's not forget that Mordu defeated. Fairly easily an amped Shazam who had removed all his normal encomberances of power and built his power ready to fight Specter in DOV. After that battle ed weakened Shazam he still gave Spectre a good battle

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Is Thanos more powerful then Mephisto in his own realm?

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I don't know how strong Mordru is, can he really beat Mephisto and Thanos?