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Who wins and why.
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Wrong section & carnage easy .. .

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dang..i seen the other guy but dont know much about him.....so if its vote i go for carnage cause i know him :)

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What exactly can Morbius do to him?

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Carnage should be able to take down Morbius
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King Saturn said:
"Carnage should be able to take down Morbius

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I'm with everyone there (which sucks as Morbius is one of my favorite characters). But yeah, Morbius really can't do much to Carnage aside from throw him around, which really will be lucky if that damages the symbiote at all. His superhuman durability isn't that great either; his healing's decent but between those two factors' strength levels, Carnage can beat Morbius using his conventional means. Morbius could maybe use his hypnosis to his advantage, but I'm not sure if that's practical, as if Venom's immune to the Penance Stare, it doesn't seem likely a symbiote will be susceptible to psionic manipulation.