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both in there prime armed with there weapons and fight takes place in new york city

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The way I see it:

Moon Knight comes running at Bruce on a rooftop. Bruce turns his head slightly, notices MK, ad just as Moon Knight is about to hit him, Bruce nonchalantly punches MK in the face and knocks him to the ground. Moon Knight, a little dizzy, gets up and says, "That all you got, rodent?" "Nope." Batman says as he throws some knock out gas grenades at Moon Knight's feet.

that's just one way Bruce can win here. I honestly don't see any situation where Moon Knight could beat Batman, unless you amped his physical stats to ridiculous levels or gave him Plot Device weapons.

Bruce wins. Everytime.

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I see them fighting for a while with Batman landing a strong majority of the hits. Moon Knight keeps coming at him due to his extreme pain tolerance, and nearly knocks Bruce out with his brass knuckles. Bleeding, Batman stops holding back and blitzes Spector with a barrage of pressure points, defeating the Knight of Vengeance.

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This hasn't been done before? This seems like something that would have been done before.

Anyway, i think Batman wins

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Been Done. Moon Knight IMO