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Battles takes place on that island where Superman fought Doomsday.

Garp's allowed to fully heal between battles, got acces to any Marine equipment(like his trademark ridiculously giant cannonball), has intel on his opponents gathered by CP-9 who infiltrated earth beforehand.

1. Wonder Woman

2. Aquaman

3. Martian Manhunter

4. Grundy

5. Bizarro

6. Darkseid (no Omega Beam instakill)

7. Doomsday

8. Superman

8.5. "World of cardboard" Superman

9. Prime Garp (magnify power by a factor of x3-x4) vs Golden Amazo (no shenanigans, pure brutal strength)

10. Current Garp vs Golden Amazo (same as above).

Monkey D. Garp:

While "only" a vice-admiral in rank, Garp is one of the greatest Marine heroes, famed for being equal in power with late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger , he is considered to be on fleet-admiral's level of strength. While age took it's toll , Garp is still insanely strong, possibly the physically strongest character in OPverse, here's a calculation on his famous mega-cannonball throwing feat, http://www.narutoforums.com/showpost.php?p=38294864&postcount=121 , and he could throw it further, since he was aiming for that ship, in short, he is a several megatons + lifter. But brute strength alone isn't all that Garp's got. He is a master of Soru (local flashstep, he taught it to Coby, so it's quite logical that he should be able to use it as well), so around hypersonic speed, he also intercepted Marco, who was capable of exchanging blows with Kizaru as nearly equals, and Kizaru is prove hypersonic +, Observation Haki (combat precognition), Armament Haki (ironskin like ability that also allows to negate people's special abilities, like intangibility or rubber body). His biggest liability is his cloudcoockoolandish attitude, shared with his grandson Luffy,, he oftenly falls asleep during innapropriate situations, like when he felt asleep on duty, got slashed in the chest by a prisoner that he was supposed to be escorting, and when his men panicked, that he had died, he woken up alarmed by their screams and demanded to know who was hurt, poor sob didn't even notice a bigass wound on his chest before his men pointed it out to him, another time, he decided to enter a room via the wall (breaking it in the process), because he considered it to be more dramatic, and shortly afterward, revealed a highly secret information in casual talk, and upon realising it, asked everyone around to just forget it. So, can the Marine Hero, Garp the Fist take it or will he end up as seaking bait?

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Atm Garp shouldn't even make it past round 1 unless I'm missing something

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He can't make it past anyone here.

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Garp dies at round 1. He hasn't shown anything impressive except the punching cannonballs feat. He's nowhere close to these guys in strength.

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All I know is that he is faster than Luffy and can take a gear 2nd right in the face and get back up. I heard he was given the title of admiral, but turned it down. I guess that is something to consider?

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There is some massive underestimation of Garp going on here. Any feats from weaker characters apply to him. Remember back in Alabasta when an injured Zoro threw part of a building at Mr 1? Remember Luffy, without Gears pushing apart two buildings he was stuck between? Garp is known for his ridiculous physical might, and even half generous powerscaling and feats from characters weaker than him say he can definitely knock out Aquaman and Wonder Woman. J'onn however is where he stops. Garp's Armament Haki works on Logias, sure. But J'onn's ghosting doesn't even.aork the same way and I don't think it would touch the martian. Regardless, Garp is being seriously lowballed here.

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@the_legendary_supersaiyan_hulk: Maybe the fact that it's the animated Versions. Gets to round 7, but he can beat Superman if he holds back the entire time.

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If we're using Animated version of heros garp takes this to 6, if it's comics version, does not pass 1.

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As a rule power scaling is not allowed. Simply because Luffy can do something doesn't mean Garp can instantly do it. Same for Zoro or anyone else. Their feats are their feats. ABC Scaling is frowned upon but is more accepted in lack of actual consistent showings. Such as showing Garp taking and delivering blows to someone who has been shown as being more physically powerful then Character A then we can assume that Garp is more physically powerful then Character A. This quantifies Garp's strength through scaling, but doesn't define Garp as being strong. We see him being strong and can put into context through scaling. This is the only time scaling should be used, to quantify something that's been established but not defined. Saying X destroyed a building and Z is more powerful then X so he should be able to destroy two buildings, relies on no substance and is easily dismissed.

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Sorry for all the confusion, i just figured, that no sane person would ever put Garp against people like comic WW and better:P. I mostly agree with posters, this is how i see it going:

1. Garp fools around, then disables her, uses her lasso on her and goes to find some food, he doesn't look like a guy, who would unjustifiably punch a woman (e.g. if she was a high-level criminal, murderer, etc).

2. This time he has no qualms about putting his fists to use, also fools around, maybe lets himself get stabbed, but in the end, Garp KO's with low diff.

3. I though, that people might make MM victorious, while physically Garp easily overpowers him, MM got some awesome telekinetic and shapeshifting shenanigans going on, but bout CoA and CoO should take care about it, also making intangibility useless, i see going like this, MM starts by putting up some illusions, Garp sees through em with CoO, then he punches MM in the face hard, and surprisingly for the martian, the hit lands, MM KO'ed.

4. Just a warm up before puyying his head against some real heavies/bad guys, Garp takes with low-mid diff.

5. Did he have laser vision in DCAU? Anyway, just a watered down version of Superman, Garp takes it mid-low diff, and also gets some knowledge on his later fight with superman.

6. Now here's something nice. Even animated Darkseid was probably stronget that the first five contestants put together, he's also got a lot of New Gods trickery going for himself. How much of his magic (like that "worst pain possible" effect he used on Superman in the last episode) can Garp shrug off with CoA? But in the end, i see Garp taking it anyway, high-low diff, while it's not listed as his power per se, Garp is a D. after all, people with that letter are ridiculous determinators, like when Luffy fired off Jet Gatling during his fight with Lucci, after taking the latter most powerful attack at point blank range and falling not capable a single muscle after his enemy was confirmed KO. So he takes everything Darkseid keeps throwing at him, while gibbering about his godhood like he always does (this shit really bores me after watching all of SG-1, SG-A and SG-U :P) and ends the fight by splattering Darkseid with his big (cannon)ball. Then hits him again. And again. Given basic knowledge about just who DS is, i see Garp doing everything in his might to take him down pernamently. Garp takes with mid-high diff.

7.Things are getting real interesting. IIRC DD was around no-restraints level Superman. However he's got only brute strength going for him, while Garp's got a lot more going for himself. Garp might consider BFRing his opponent this time if his strength alone can't put DD down. Actualy an easier fight that with DS, Garp can easily tag him and pummel him to death (at least, temporarily). Probably should have put him as #6 and DS here.

8. Now here's the main event. IMHO Garp takes it with very high diff, they both got a lot more than strength going for themselves, so not only billion tons + lifting strength, buth are massively hypersonic (was animated Supes faster than Flash though? I don't think so) though i would give a slight edge to Supes due to Garp's old age, Supes also got laser vision and cold breath, but CoO and CoA respectively should allow Garp to somehow negate both (post PS base Luffy was easily able to dodge Pacifista's lasers, not because he was FTL, but because CoO allowed him to know when they were going to hit a split second before they were fired, and Garp is still like 3 or 4 tiers above that [a thing about powerscaling, while "if A beats B, then if B beats C, A also beats him isn't any good, then it's logical to me, that if A can do X as demonstrated by his feat, then B who is confirmed to better at it than A should be able to do it too, even if lacking that feat]). So, in the end, Supes is heavily wounded, Garp prepares to bring the last hit, when it goes into:

8.5. Superman unleashes his full power, and after a lengthy battle, he is victorious. Now, if Garp was 20 years younger, he should take the entire gauntlet with mid diff at best, so this is why i put him against Amazo in round 9 and 10, i just see OPverse as weaker than DCAU, but prime Garp should nevertheless give the golden androin a fight better than the entirety of JL put together.

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Wonderwoman fights at light speed, whilst Garp fights at hypersonic speed...e_e

She pretty much wipes the floor with him. Supes is a lot stronger than WW, and she mops the floor with him.

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@dangerouspoki: It isn't? Regardless, I think that's asinine. Garp is known for physical strength, and even his few feats are completely casual. I am well aware of how off the wall powerscaling can be when abused, which is why I said "even half generous." Regardless, it's quite obvious Garp is stronger than anyone physically in Luffy's crew. There should be no reason he cannot replicate their strength feats.

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Wow, bump, things have changed. Garp can easily make it to 9, i don't think he can ko Golden Amazo, but Golden Amazo never shown the strength to ko him, so a stalemate right there.

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I know he can clear to 9 don't know much about Amazo.

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Stops at 9.

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Garp can literally take every one of them on at once. I'm assuming people missed the part about this being animated versions, because if the general consensus is that Garp can't beat JLU Wonder Woman than I will be very sad.