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Monk Gyasto and Meelo

Tenzin and Aang


Aang is from end of Avatar Legend of Aang- He cannot use the avatar state or anything other Air Bending.

Meelo is allowed Fartbending.

Morals on.

In Character.

Setting- Pro Bending Arena

Contestants start at opposite sides of the arena, though the battle could take place throughout the building if need be.

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Your Opinion.

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Team 2

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Gyatso is good, but his team has an incredible disadvantage with Meelo. Couple that with Tenzin and Aang knowing more moves (Tenzin's wheel for example) and the fact that the avatar is inherently more powerful with the elements than a normal bender even without the Avatar state, and you have a major curbstomp.

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Ah, nice battle. Appreciate the love for the Airbenders! But unfortunately, as epic as Meelo is, he is the downfall for Team One. He is vastly inexperienced, lacks the focus and training that both Tenzin and Aang have and despite his occasional spurt of power, he is overshadowed by all three of the other combatants.

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Meelo solos

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Meelo solos

He's already beaten Tenzin, Aang is next!

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I think AAng would ne hesistsnt to go against his old master as well as Tenzin being weirded out seeing his younger father, but in terms of skill team 2 takes it

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Any particular reason why aang wouldn't do this by himself?

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Monk Gyatso, as cool as he is, has shown zero feats aside from when he was just playing around. Sure, he likely killed a bunch of firebenders during Sozin's Comet, but even with powerscaling it's hard to really gauge how strong he was. Even so, team 2 stomps.

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Team 2 stomp.