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okay first of all, don't get too excited to write your SPITE comments this is pre secret wars Molecule Man so not the omnipotent or retconned version (not the one in the picture)


  • Bloodlusted Magneto
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You mean post Secret Wars? Either way he wins fairly easily.

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@juiceboks: I dont know lol i am not good with those terms, what i tried to meant is the one before secret wars arcs.

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@marlboroman Well Owen before Secret Wars was Owen before he was ret conned and severely nerfed. That is the Owen that went up against Beyonder and that's the one that would probably solo the whole DC Multiverse not including Presence. The Owen you have pictured is the one that died at the hands of Sentry but still made fools out of the whole Dark Avengers up until that happened.

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@juiceboks: No. Owen before Secret Wars is just an everyday Avengers foe, and Beyonder wasn't even existing before the Secret Wars,

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@juiceboks: When he says before Secret Wars, I assume that means before anything we see in those stories, which includes a significant upgrade from Dr. Doom showing him just how far his powers extend. So at that point, he would not have been able to fight the Beyonder. He couldn't even directly affect organic matter.

I would say he still stomps though. Perhaps Magneto could get some sort of temporary advantage due to Owen's insecurities, but even in his first appearance, MM was presented as a being of nearly godlike power. Unless Magneto can throw some shrapnel through his head or something before he can even react, Owen should eventually get a win.

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@freefa11: yes what i meant is before this happened he propably didn't read the comic so he dont know, anyway.
i agree he shown a lot more power than what Magneto did but his durability is really really weak

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@marlboroman Didn't realize you meant that Owen. My mistake.

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Molecule Man. Easily.

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@marlboroman: He's actually a bit of a glass-canon, in a way. After all, Wolverine nearly killed him when he let his guard down, and without being able to control organic molecules at the time, he was unable to heal himself. If he can see Magneto coming he can probably protect himself from any of his attacks (he could make a shield of air that shrugs off Thor's hammer like it's nothing), but a piece of steel through the back of his skull could still take him out if he's not being careful.