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Now theres no logical reason either these would actually team up, but let's do it anyway.

TEAM 1: Molecule Man & Apocalypse

TEAM 2: Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange & Thanos

battle takes place on an indestructible diamond like flat platform created by TOAA, a millionx a million miles, in the deepest space.

Thanos does not have the infinity gauntlet, nobody can remove eachother from the battlefield.

nobody can scarifice there team mate to win.

All at full power, randomly summoned by TOAA and forced to team up (let's face it, TOAA says jump, they jump).

Win by total obliteration.

each team is 1000 miles apart.

Strange starts with his seraphim shield.

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Molecule man alone if we are referring to him the way he was at the end of secret wars 2.

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ur not allowed, solo'ing is not allowed, and it is modern molecule man

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Team 2

Thanos > Apocalypse

Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange > Molecule Man