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The US is in the middle of The Civil War
The Immigrants from the Fourth World, Scott Free & Barda initially desired to stay out of the conflict to enjoy their peaceful suburban life, until Barda became a casualty of the war.
Receiving a harsh awakening from the loss of his wife, Scott Free once again dons the mantle of Mister Miracle to take the fight to Tony Stark to end the conflict once and for all, so no one else will suffer from loss during the war.
BATTLE INTEL: Iron Man has his extremis armor, and the battle takes place in an evacuated Pentagon. Scenario 1: normal character morality applies. Scenario 2: The loss of his wife has made Scott blood lusted, and Iron Man is fighting for his life. Who wins?
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mister miracle gives him a wedgie

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Mister Miracle

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Mister Miracle. Mother Box > Extremis.

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Mister Miracle, although Iron Man will have plenty of tricks up his sleeves to hold him off a while.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Any ideas on how the battle would play out?

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@TERMINATOR1000 said:

Mister Miracle

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Motherboxes have manipulated and powered down advanced Apokoliptian technology so I can see how they could interface and control the Extremis armour.