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Who are we talking about here?: Voldemort. He has consistantly shown to be quite fast, fast enough to keep up with three grown people (not students) even.

And peeves doesn't notice chandeliers falling on him?


Citation needed.

Voldemort might've used the spell on shards of glass. And that didn't even happen in the books. Nor did it look anywhere close to bullets.

It did happen in the books, actually.

Citation needed. (No it didn't iirc)

Everyone and their mother knows Harry is susceptible to Dementors.

And that dementors aren't lethal from a distance,.

Hermione is susceptible to emotion just like everyone else.

And also extremely logical. Smart enough to know if your theoretical durability existed, a fifty foot fall. Most of the people thought he might've died from falling fifty feet.

Never did, just said they have an increased effect on Harry.

And the increased effect doesn't make him more susceptible to getting hit from falling fifty feet. So irrelevant.

The Firebolt goes 150 mph or 67 m/s and was shown to take up to five seconds to reach the top of the Quidditch Pitch (i.e. 335 meters) in the movies. 335/50=7+ times as high.

The fall was around fifty feet. Mentioned by the twin. And he doesn't stay at the top of pitch every time, he follows snitch, which can be at any height, presumably fifty feet at the time. And firebolt takes 10 seconds to reach 150mph. Not to mention it's around 50 feet+dumbledore's arresto momentum.

Really? Because according to you if he would have died Minerva would have said 'That fall would have killed him, had not...'

No, when harry asks if he'd dead, she mentions that he had his wand. Not that the fall is too short. And snape does use some kind of trick anyway.

Maybe because his bones would be broken and he'd have to go to the infirmary?

Just like a normal person.

So you think if Dumbledore had the chance to save Harry from having broken bones, he wouldn't?

And everyone would be so worried because dumbledore was just saving harry from having broken bones, right?

Again, not exactly people who know about their ridiculous durability here.

It was a school full of the most talented wizard children. Many of whom were familiar to magic since their birth. And they know more about themselves than you or I do, obviously.

So Harry is omniscient according to you?

No, saying that falling from height will kill you doesn't need omniscience (lol). It needs common sense, and harry has it. And someone with 39 years of teaching magic would've known that wizards are more durable than that, and they don't need a wand to survive/not get hurt.

Have you been paying attention? The magic ONLY KICKS IN IF THEY WOULD DIE. That's canon.

And bellatrix would have died if she hadn't thrown the knife, right? No.

Only two people have incredible reflexes, that's dumbledore and a serious voldemort.