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Might Guy




Standard equipment


Win via KO or Death only

Round one

Morals on

Round two

Morals off

Who wins and why?

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Midnighter, dude lopped off Skallox's arm

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Other than Enhanced Healing, Midnighter has nothing on Gai sensei. Gai + gate mode + nun-chucks = Midnighter exploding and remains carried off into the wind.

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Not sure what the first two guys are thinking, lol. But Gai speed blitzes and destroys Midnighter.

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Anyone else?

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Might Gai via Daytime Tiger! The Day Time tiger is a technique that forces so much air pressure into forming a tiger that it was capable of one shotting a very durable foe underwater. I can imagine in the air it would be dozens of times more faster and more powerful.

Midnighter can only hope to stalemate Might Gai because worse comes to worse Gai can just unlock the final gate and they both die.

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Guy blitzes Midnighter by unlocking the sixth gate.