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The fight takes place on the Rooftops of Gotham City.

Both are in character.

Midnighter cannot use the door.

Weapons are standard.

Condition ; Death.

Who wins?

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As if Finish Moves weren't violent enough:

(...there would be a photo of Midnighter ripping a head out of its socket with the spinal cord still attached, but this new ComicVine interface is absolutely miserable to work with)

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I actually think Midnighter could beat Sub-Zero.

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Midnighter wins, although it would be a decent fight. There is nothing Sub Zero has in his power-set that Midnighter cannot dodge, and seeing as he knows every move his opponent is about to make, he can counter Sub Zero's skills, too. Having said that, it would be difficult for Midnighter to put down the highly durable Mortal Kombatant.

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though there are 2 versions of sub zero i think they both lose, and the cyber sub zero will be harder.

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Midnighter easy...SZ wouldn't be able to tag him.

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Midnighter would rip his head off.

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Midnighter wrecks.

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Midnighter one-shots him