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Midnighter is in Character, as are his oppenents.

Midnighter has his Staff, Throwing stars and an assortment of Knives and bladed weaponry.

Stipulation 1- Midnighter has No Doors.

Stipulation 2- Mignighter has Doors, but can only use them to teleport himself.

Win by Death, KO or Submission.

Midnighter is fully healed between each battle.

If Midnighter loses a round, he gets to continue.

Combatants on the same team will not attack one another, but do not have to work together either, and have standard gear. DC characters are Pre-New 52 unless stated.

Combatants Start 50 feet away visible.

Who wins and Why?

Round 1.

Kraven- Post Grim Hunt, Black Panther- Pre KOTD upgrade and Man of Fear

Round 2.

Constantine Drakon (Armed with Carboduim assortment of Knives)

Cassandra Cain (Armed with Bruce's Standard Gear)

Deathstroke (Nth Armor, and Pre-New 52 gear, with both Pre-New 52 and New-52 Skills and abilities)

Round 3.

Wolverine, Daken and X-23 (with Trigger Scent)

Round 4

Kaine and Venom. Kaine starts Ascended.

Round 5

Luther Strode, Jack the Ripper, The Liberian (with Knives), Binder ( with Paralytic Posion tipped Knives)

Round 6

Back in Black Spider-Man

Gorgon- Armed with Grasscutter

Round 7

Servant John Dusk and Polymath.

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Not really knowledgeable on midnighter but if web spamming is really the way to beat him it probably stops at round 4 in scenario one. Kaine was spamming a lot of webbing against the wolves and he's pretty fast at this level. Venom is kind of helpful as well. Either clears or stops at the last round (I don't know much about the people in the last round besides the fact the polymath is really powerful).

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Under stipulation 1, he should stop at Kaine/Venom. Especially since Kaine starts in Other. Flash should be able to soak a lot of damage, and web wraps slightly more frequently than Kaine does. As I said in another thread, the thing hurting the pair is a lack of spider-sense, but Kaine starting as Other helps here as it increase his strength, speed, and durability. I'll assume Flash can control Vulk, which will make him stronger, faster, and more durable as well. Downfall there is Flash doesn't ever start a fight like that. Between the two of them, should be able to incapacitate Midnighter with webbing and symbiote restriction. With stipulation 2, if he can doors out of a web wrap, Midnighter will win it as his speed and durability will allow him to dodge all the most lethal blows (symbiote swords, stingers) or soak the damage and heal from it.

If he can get past 4, he should clear up to last round. I know nothing of the last round so I have no idea how that would go.

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I honestly think Pre-KotD T'Challa can give him a good fight(one with vibranium suit right?).T'Challa having great physicals to fight Midnighter and great equipment:T'Challa can pull a win IMO

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Might stop at 4.

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I honestly think Pre-KotD T'Challa can give him a good fight(one with vibranium suit right?).T'Challa having great physicals to fight Midnighter and great equipment:T'Challa can pull a win IMO

As much as I love black panther he isn't taking midnighter at all. Midnighters battle computer will just tell him to slash along the grain or snap Black Panthers neck, and even if T'challa can tag him (I don't think he can unless midnighter lets him), midnighter can shut off his pain and has his healing factor. Midnighter is too much for Black Panther due to the fact he can blitz speedsters, tank a majority of the damage black panther does to him, and will know how to hurt black panther.

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@jashro44: I didn't think you can snap his neck but I stand corrected. I know slashing across the grain can be effective but I figured with T'Challa's equipment,which can be killing blows against Midnighter,can be of great use especially as most of Midnighter's blunt attacks would have little effect on BP.I just saw BP being able to get that kill shot with his daggers or claws on Midnighter but you,the T'Challa expert,see it as a lost and there would be little point going against your word(s).Oh well :)

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Loses rounds 7 & 5....besides that...Takes care of business....Round 2 will be a slaughter in favor of Midnighter....

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Probably stops at 4 or 5. Depends if Midnighter goes for the kill immediately... which he normally does.

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Gets whupped at 3, 5, and 6.

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4 and 5 got switched

why luther stronger than venom?

is polymath the adapter guy?

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Stops at 4

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Midnighter must be amazing.

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Can't be bothered to decide how far he gets. At some point I'll probably get to it.

But in the final round Dusk solos.

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Midnighter is not getting clear majorities in rounds three, four, six, or seven. Just too many powersets he would need to prep for. Round six could go his way if Gorgon tries for his stare early, as Midnighter would quickly figure to turn it against him.

And SS is reactive, making plans against it an intractable problem.

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Going to say he stops at round 2.

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stops at 2.

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Does he still maintain his battle computer in the gauntlet despite stipulations 1 and 2? Alsoin stipulation 2, can he still be able to take people with him if he's teleporting, or is it just for him to go in and out - especially to other areas of the city - whenever he's getting out of a jam?

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Stops at round 5.

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Stops at 7 or clears

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Stops at 7.

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Could stops at 7

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Stops at 6 (Spidey and Gorgon) for sure.

Could also stop at 4.

I don't know about 7.

Clears the rest.

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Might clear. Has definite problems at 4,6 and 7.