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Michael the Archangel senses an evil presence and is sent from Heaven to Earth to take down Phoenix.

RULES: Phoenix is blood lusted, looking for the kill.

Michael isn't looking to kill,but to win via submission/KO.

Fight takes place in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber:

Who wins?

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Dark Phoenix

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God would over power Michael substantially, complete stomp in Michaels favor

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Which version of Michael??

Supernatural's version of Michael loses badly

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If its Micheal from the Lucifer books he absolutely destroys dark phoenix with ease. not even close.

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Plain and simple.

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Dark Phoenix

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to much comic book reading

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@sabracadabra: What They Said

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i dont really know a lot bout dark phoenix is she multiversal like michael

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This is Michael from the Bible (when he defeated Satan).

Dark Phoenix from Marvel. Michael doesn't have any help from any omnipotent, he gets his Bible feats.

Phoenix gets her feats as well.