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Winner by death, KO. 
Random encounter. 
Morals off  
Start off fifty feet apart 

Location: Kanto, Pallet Town

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I know Mewtwo is really powerful. I have him on my game and I've seen Pokemon movies where Mewtwo has ridiculous power. I don't know enough about Lucy to answer this but I know Mewtwo is no push over by any means. Mew is also really powerful as well.

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Mewtwo by mindrape or time reversal.

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What comic is Lucy from? That picture of her is quite terrifying i have to say. Don't know what Lucy is capable of entirely, but after her reading her bio, i say Mewtwo takes it easy.

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Lucy is an anime character from Elfen Lied witch is a very sad/disturbing anime. IIRC weren't Lucy's Vectors powerfull enough to wreck the planet or a city or something like that?. IMO its a matter of who strikes first, Lucy beside her Vectors hasn't have any superhuman durability so Mewtwo could trow her of a cliff and she dies but if Lucy gets a hold on Mewtwo he will be litterly torn in half.

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Could go either way

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Lucy, I think her attacks are faster. basically who lands their attack first. Though Lucy does use her vectors defensive as well, deflecting bullets and other vector users. She rarely gets hit due to PIS.

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It depends. Lucy does not get very powerful in the anime. However in the manga, her vectors can reach into space..