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Is this a stomp or have I actually made an interesting battle with a Pokemon for once?

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@racob7: This has been done before. I only know that because it was at the top of the battle threads forum yesterday. And yes, Mewtwo Curbstomps. Even if he can't win out in a TP battle, his resistance should be high enough to keep Xavier most of the way out, and one attack (any attack) from Mewtwo would kill Charles...

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@floopay: I figured it was probably a stomp, but I needed an excuse to use that epic Mewtwo pic.

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Glad you did do this battle that Mewtwo pic is pretty epic had to save it to my desktop

But yeah Mewtwo should take this.

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While yes one attack from Mewtwo would destroy Charles, I'm not convinced that he can withstand a mental assault from Professor X if he really tried to take him down.

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Professor X should win but if Mewtwo lasts long enough to be able to launch an attack then he kills Charles.

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