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Was reading online about DBZ and Sonic etc. and I came across an interesting article on Metal Sonic.

Apparently, Metal Sonic can, "scan other characters, much like Emerl, copy their life data into himself, and immediately and flawlessly replicate not only their abilities, but also form himself to look and sound exactly like them."

Source: (http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Metal_Sonic)

With an ability like that, plus the ability to transform into Metal Overlord, ("In this form he becomes so powerful that he is nearly invincible, even tosuper transformedcharacters." Same source as above.), he would be friggin undefeatable. Even if he was fighting Broly, he could just copy Broly's Legendary Saiyan Transformation and kick his ***. Hell, the only reason he was defeated in Sonic Heroes is because Eggman had luckily made a secret shutdown device. (Which was scrapped later on.) So, ignore all the "soft" and "powerless" depictions of Metal Sonic before, and just think about the two facts I just showed you. I think that the only reason we are not seeing the full power of Metal Sonic is because he is in a platformer game, not a fighting on like DBZ.

Tell me, (Use logical reasoning and not fanboy rage) what do you think is the potential of having an ability like that? Do you think it would make him equal if not greater than any possible opponent? (From DBZ.....etc.)

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Seriously? No responses? You DBZ fans are apt to mob anyone who disagrees with your views, but when someone pulls out some real facts, you cower in fear. I'm waiting for a reply -_-

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@Nate8080: lol, cower in fear

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@Almighty_Darkseid: Funny how people are quick to answer in the Goku vs. Nazo thread. But now everyone is silent ;( Its annoying

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There have many Metal Sonics few of have very unique abilities. The failed version need to be recorded since it shows the next version is stronger than its predecessors.

One of the more deadly versions was Grimmer’s Metal Sonic that can shape shift and imitate perfectly. It was design to ruin Sonic’s reputation and it greatly succeeded.

Metal Sonic may have died several times but it shows that they are getting tougher.

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Oh I should probably mention the obvious you have this in the wrong thread. you put this thread in the Metal sonic' forum