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Mera from DC vs Tobiram Senju the second Hokage vs Percy Jackson

Round 1: Battle takes place in Gotham City.

Round 2: Battle takes place at the beach where Darui fought kinkaku and ginkaku.

Round 3: Battle takes place at the grand canyon.

Standard equipment no prep, riptide will work on tobirama and Mera.

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I'm sorry I don't know anything about about the first two characters. Do they have any sort of hydro-kinesis?

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@mortium: Mera is Aquaman's wife and can control water

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What exactly does tobirama do? we haven't seen him fight at all..

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@dondave: Ok, thanks. Percy can breath and see underwater, no matter the depth, and water heals him almost instantly. A fresh water stream healed him of several hellhound wounds when he was only twelve. Salt water has cured him of much worse, including poison. He can at the very least influence sea creatures and could probably command them if he choose. He commanded the tide and used it to overcome Ares when he was twelve, and at sixteen he created a personal hurricane around himself powerful enough to drive back the second most powerful Titan in existence, and his swordsmanship skills are also impressive, allowing him to stand toe to toe with Kronos. He can sense water nearby and to an extent he can also sense enemies around esp. monsters or others with water based powers. Without knowing any feats from the other two, I would say that Percy has a good chance of winning in the second and third battles, and could probably use Gotham's sewers to his advantage as well, seeing as he also made an entire public restroom's plumbing explode on instinct alone. He was also powerful enough to summon a flood in the middle of the Texas plains, using seashells. Even with no water nearby he is a formidable fighter, and does not need to be in contact with it to draw energy from it.

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Mera wins draining the water in their bodies, killing them very soon.

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Tobirama has barely any feats, but he should be close to his older brother.

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@mortium: Like Veitha said, Mera could drain Percy of the water he has in his body and has a similar range in power when it comes to the amount of water she can manipulate, she's faster than Aquaman in Water, and she's a been trained to fight her entire life as she was meant to Assassinate Aquaman

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@dondave: So Percy's only chance is to replenish himself as he is being drained... Ok I stand corrected. If Mera can that(and Percy has done nothing that comes close to it) then all she would have to do is catch him off -guard and strand him on dry land. Thanks.

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@mortium: Is he more powerful than Kronus, Thyphon or Oceanus?

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Hmmmmmmm. I give the win to tobirama even though his water techniques would be canceled out he stil has alot of other ninjutsu and his physical attributes are in fact greater than percy's
However Percy would be second and mera last
Because I doubt her blood drain would work on people who are seemingly emmune to other water techniques

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If I'm not mistaken, the only other ability that could aid Tobirama in this battle is the infinite darkness technique. Aside from that, his water jutsus won't really have a great effect on the other characters. His speed and what not might prolong his life by a bit but in the overall battle...he goes down first. Mera & Percy are on another league of water control, great battle though


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Mera wins because the other two die from dehydration.

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@mortium: The second most powerful Titan.

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@mandoviking: The second most powerful Titan is Hyperion, the most powerful is Kronos. Percy was a better swordfighter than Hyperion and was pretty much equal to Kronos, although that may have been because Kronos was not used to Luke's body. Typhon was a monster more powerful than several gods combined, and Oceanus is a Titan, not as powerful as Kronos or Hyperion, but would probably best Percy due to being an embodiment of the Sea.

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Okay, I thought Typhon was a Titan. Thanks.

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Mera wins. She can punch a hole through Percy easily. And she held off black lantern Wonder Woman. She got this

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@martyyy15: This Mera sounds like she would be a better match for Posiedon than Percy....


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She could take posidon probably lol

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which posidon we talking about here? There are a lot of posidons in fiction lol

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I have never looked him up, but mera is very powerful. But I don't know about that version of posidon so I can't really say lol

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@martyyy15: The books are mostly centered around the Half-Bloods, so you don't see much of the gods, but Poseidon's 'true' form is pure, golden light that can incinerate you if you look at it, he pulled up a gigantic sea monster with a fishing pole, then threw it back, telling Percy that it was just a baby, and he vaporized a Kraken-type monster almost casually with a single blast of energy from his trident.

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ohhhhh. Well maybe mera aquaman and atlantean army can take him lol, it'd be very hard though from what you say he can do lol.

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@martyyy15: The books are a really good read, if you are interested. The first series is called Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and is written from a first person perspective of Percy, and the second series is still being written but is called The Heroes of Olympus, and follows several different characters. Like I said, they are really good books.

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thanks maybe I'll check them out sometime

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I dunno. Mera is not exactly known for her patience. And she's proven to be extremely powerful time and again.

So Mera.

Good Match Mate!

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Tobirama blitzes

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tobirama tags both with shadow clone jutsu and ends it.

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Mera cuz draining I guess.


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By hype? Tobirama. By feats? I

Don't freaking know these second hand characters.