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•Winner by death, KO, surrender. 
•Morals off 
•Start off twenty feet apart.  
•Fight takes place on the beach. 
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This thread serious? Mera's hydrokinesis is quite a bit above Amon's.

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But Amon has blood bending. I don't think Mera has a counter for that.

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Mera can do similar things in the New 52. She was shown sucking the water out of a guys body and making him contort, etc.

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Who's Amon??

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Amon can blood bend,without even making a gesture, and snap her neck with morals off (Yakon was much, much more pathetic and he pulled that off at Aang before avatar state kicked in). Mera's good and might actually have better water control (debatable, we didn't get to see much of it with Amon, but what we did was very impressive), but psychic blood bending is pretty op.

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I think it could go either way, with a slight to fair majority to Mera.