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both bloodlusted

optimus prime has 10 min prep


optimus prime could fly with wings from transformers 2

optimus is at peak

and megazord is at peak

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Megazord steps on Prime.

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could you explain exactly how they will win and i know megazords could probably beat optimus prime but i learned that he is very strong

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go to 5:33 it shows optimus prime picking up a cruise ship and throwing it

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Depends on what megazord. I''m leaning towards the megazord plainly because it has way more power than Optimus. However, Optimus is smart, very smart. And has fought stronger opponents before. So really it could go either way.

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Optimus should be about the height of Megazord's ankle. If Megazord doesn't win using his flashy sword powers he could just step on Optimus. Optimus is tough but Megazord is just to big and powerful in this case.

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The way i see it, They both have their pros and cons

Pros for optimus: Absolutely free movement, agile and can think on his own

Pros for megazord: Extreme powerful weapons, Very very durable, Probably gigantic sized compared to Optimus

Cons for optimus: Doesnt have enough fire power and durability Like the Megazord

Cons for Megazord: Doesnt really have free will, Cannot think on its own, Not even close to agile.

So basically it could go either way

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