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So this was requested in the "Vine Vs. Comics" thread, we know a few things about this fight, in blade trinity both Blade and Hannibal King were portayed, so we could use that as a equavalent for these cercumstances. But instead of the Portrayel of that versions Dracula "Drake", we use Me. And since Jessica Beal isn't there to help blade with the serum, it would be a matched fight with no advantages.

Blade: Battle Rifle and his Sword

Hannibal King: Two Desert Eagels 50 cal. and a bow knife

Let the battle commence!

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You Lose

LOL jk jk

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I don't anything about the hannible king... but i do know that blade is overmatched by dracula by far... blade would definitely need the help of a belmont... or... alucard...

or... "D"

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Good that we agree then ;)