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Well, just want an opinion from people, so read my profile and you'll see more about me

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Spidey and Logan is gonna get you dude
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Taken from his bio:


  • Super Strength (I can lift over 100,000 tons and if I am in the Nightfall Kingdom I am 10x stronger than 8th Day Juggernaught
  • Some degree of Super Jump
  • A weak ability to levitate
  • A healing factor 3x the strength of Wolverine or Sabertooth
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Taken from his profile

I am Raymond CoBurn, born on December 13, 1670 on an unusual Solar Eclipse. The eclipse gave me superhuman powers. At first I was a hero under the name of Payne Henge, but after my brother was murdered, I went crazy, had a mental breakdown, and turned evil. After turning evil, I then beat Superman in a fight, but was nearly crushed by Thor, but escaped to Australia, where I trained, and discovered my REAL home, the Nightfall Kingdom (I shall not tell you the location) and I became stronger than ever. After Thor and Hulk located me, I managed to easily overpower Hulk, but once again, had a hard time with Thor, and wasn't much until I channeled my home's central power, and knocked Thor unconscious for a little over 9 hours.

I am currently trying to find out why I'm hearing Voices in my head, and I have currently gone through Hulk, Wolverine, Green Goblin, Superman to find out.



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Le Super Epic fail. 

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Really? Weird, cause I remember being much stronger than them? I'm also bigger, and if I have access to my home, I'd crush Thor

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The problem is your powers list really blows!  There is no originality to it what so ever and your even trying to equate your "power levels" to other beings . . . lame!

Your powers list should look something like this:

Super Strength
Super Jump
Healing Factor

Then in your bio, fill out a story with the uses of these powers in a detailed use of them against other super beings.