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That's right McLovin from Superbad.

This is the point in the movie where he's trying to buy some beer, but the robber comes in and punches him. Eventually the police arrives. Only difference is that instead of the boys in blue, it's the boys in green. These boys in green.

Kyle Rayner
Guy Gardner

The rest follows like the movie. Kyle and Guy thought it would had been a good idea to make McLovin their buddy for the day. They have some fun like showing the video of McLovin getting punched by the robber to their friends. Later the friends pals go to an airplane yard that Hal told them about. One of the Lanterns reach into their pockets and pull out an extra power ring. They let McLovin try out the ring and blast at the old airplanes.

However soon duty calls and the Lanterns answer. They arrive at a big building in the city where inside is the villain Venom.


Kyle and Guy are about to proceed inside. However before they do they hand McLovin the spare power ring in case things get rough outside. The Lanterns chase Venom inside the building, but Venom manages to give the boys in green the slip. Venom thought he escape however outside the building standing in the way of freedom is McLovin! McLovin faces off against Venom. Can he stop Venom with the power ring or does Venom escape to terrorize another day?

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O noes its the cops!

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Dont Trust the Police no justice no peace they got me face down i the middle of the street!