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1. Maxima and those X-Men are under a spell where they see each other as Doomsday. Both sides (X-Men and Maxima) are trying to kill each other with no morals.

2. Maxima has lost all of her powers with the exception of her strength, durability, healing factor, endurance. No speed, TK, TP, etc.

3. Rogue has her Ms. Marvel and absorbing powers.

4. Colossus is regular Colossus and not Cytorak Colossus

5. No blizting.

6. Fight begins 30 feet a part at Times Square.

By Emanuela Lupacchino
X-Factor Forever 2
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If Rogue can touch her the Team wins.


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I think the Maxima unless Polaris can BFR her =)

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@sa5m said:

I think the Maxima unless Polaris can BFR her =)

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Maxima uses Hulks thunder clap to kill them.

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So it's Maxima with only her strength and invulnerability? No teleportation? No simulacra? No molecular manipulation?

Maxima is a very tough chick. Superman once used his X-Ray vision to help find weak spots on her. She still kept coming too, but the fight ended when Grayven showed up with his boomtube. Superman whips out the Batman pressure point attacks when he's fighting against people who are at least as durable as him.

Maxima is very strong too. If her flight is being handicapped in this match as well, she's got a good throwing arm and great aim against aerial opponents. Seeing as how this match is in Times Square, there's plenty of cars, cargo vans, and asphalt to throw.

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Maxima wins via speed-blitz.

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X men .

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Maxima FTW