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Max Payne at the end of Max Payne 3

John Marston before the final mission.

Max Payne gets :

One M9 Beretta w/9 rounds 6 mags.

One Sawn-Off shotgun w/2 rounds 10 clips.

An M4 assualt rifle w/32 rounds 2 mags.

One Grenade (Multiplayer)

Has slow health regen w/infinite staminia (From multiplayer)

Has a helmet that negates all incoming head damage

John Marston gets :

One LeMat Revolver w/9 rounds 6 clips.

One Masuar Pistol w/15 rounds 3 mags.

One Semi-Auto Shotgun w/5 rounds 4 clips.

One Evans repeater w/22 rounds 3 clips.

An Explosive rifle with ONE shot.

3 bottles of Molotov

Other specifications :

- John/Max have no morals but not bloodlusted.

- John only has level 1 Deadeye. (Only allows him to slow down time not mark anything)

- John is the red star. Max the yellow star.

- They start inside there corresponding buildings not on the out side where the stars are placed.

- John can keep ahold of all of his weapons at once,but max must drop his m4 if he is to dual wield the single handed weapons.

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Is Max drunk and does he have any pain killers?

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I'm in for Marston, dude is accurate as f*ck. Especially with Dead Eye. Good fight though.

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Well, I believe Max Payne takes the majority, because his weapons are more advanced, he can shoot in mid air and he as shown the ability to shoot things like molotovs and rockets before they reach the ground, Marston is a tough dude tho.

Max takes this 7/10

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@elzio1: John's got his dead eye. He's the #1 gunslinger in the wild west. I don't think Max has a chance if John sets an eye on him.

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@immortal777: He is sober and has no painkillers since i gave him a healing rate like Johns.

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@the_red_viper: Well you're right, I'm not saying this is gonna be easy for Max, they both are great shots, but I believe Max has a better chance, because he may not be as accurate as John, but he can jump and shoot in the air (this isn't exactly an advantage, but John is not gonna hit him easily) You should also count the fact that Payne has the better equipment

Still, it could go either way

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Marston should win.

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You can't really disqualify game mechanics like Max's bullet time and John's dead eye since those are both representations of their actual speed and reflexes. Since they more or less cancel each other out, I'm going with John based off superior skill feats (soloing a league of snipers, taking down entire gangs, besting the best of the west in quickdraw duels)

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@nickzambuto: Max by himself took down a million dollar company,whole Mafias and Gangs,a whole Police Station,and small armies.And don't forget Max Bullet Time to counter Marston Dead Eye.

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@nickzambuto @homicidalmaniac @elzio1 I dont know if you guys read it or not but just reminding you that John only has level 1 Deadeye only allowing him to slow down time like max and cant mark anything.

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an M4 vs 19 century weaponry pssh this is a joke?

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@jackbensley777: Explosive Rifle, WW1 and 2 era bolt action rifle / M1 and High Powered Pistol / 1911 could still compete with modern weapons ranged wise. Hell the military still has a m14 (which is an upgraded m1) for option to navy seals.

Those automatics will kill John Marston if he isn't careful but if John keeps cover and range distance he can still f up Max. Max also needs to watch out for the explosive rifle.

IMO its 50/50

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CJ spawns a Rhino tank:

Max and John: "Wasted"

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John Marston easily. Max Payne would probably be the only gunner who could possibly compete with John due to him being able to perceive time slowly as well, but John can perceive time EVEN SLOWER than Max can. Gotta go with John.