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Master Chief

-Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Battle Rifle, Magnum, Rocket Launcher and 2x Grenades/Plasma Grenades.


-Acidic Sniper, Incendiary Shotgun, Electric SMG, Explosive Assault Rifle, Slag Rocket and his standard sword. Zer0s skill tree is fully upgraded with elemental kunai and critical hits.

Location: An Old Fashion Wild West Ghost Town

Morals Off

Who wins and why?

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Halo- @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek @cara_hunter @hellionvulcan

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Chief should win this quite handily. His speed would allow him to pretty much headshot Zer0 right away.

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Yeah chief is at a disadvantage here his weapons are nowhere near as good as zeros and Zero has his decoy/stealth ability that can be zeros panic button giving zero a way to put space between him and chief allowing him to exploit the weapon advantage once more.

that said this could go either ways we have no idea how chiefs armor will fare against Borderland elemental rounds on one side he could just shrug them off on the outer he could be completely inculpated.

can anyone post Chief's armor vs. environment feats

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@cjdavis103: True and acidic weapons are armor piercing weapons

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John has dealt with stealthed enemies before. Sangheili (Elites) have stealth field generators, mostly those of the Zealot Class.

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Master Chief

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Master Chief haas greater endurance and (as said above) has delt with stealth enemies

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Chief should win handily

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Chief's armor is better than those robot things in border lands that take many rounds and many sword strikes to kill, and MC has killed things equal or stronger with his fist. MC is kind of underestimated.

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I don't think Zero's weapons will hurt chief at all considering their dramatic speed difference .

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I think John has got this one in the bag...

Speed wise, John >>> Zero. SPARTAN II's are genetically superior specimens even before the SPARTAN II Program. Dr. Halsey screened each SPARTAN II candidate based on certain genetic markers indicating physical and mental superiority. At 14 years old (the time where John and the rest of the SPARTAN II's were subjected to the augmentation procedures), Dr. Halsey remarked that John, at 14 years old, "had the body of an 18 year old Olympic Athlete, and a mind the equal of any Naval Academy's Honors Graduate". I'd say that puts John in the top 1% of the human population pretty easily.

Then, John was subjected to the SPARTAN II Augmentations. This included several surgical and hormonal alterations of his body. These augmentations included...

Cermanic Carbide Ossification- Advanced material grafting onto his skeletal structure to make bones virtually unbreakable.

Muscular Enhancement Injections- Protein complex is injected intramuscularly to increase muscle density and decrease lactase recovery time. John, after rehabbing from his augmentations, was able to single arm curl 40 kilos (approximately 88 pounds), at the age of 14, before the augmentations to his physique really had time to pay dividends. During the same gym session, John fights, and accidentally kills 4 ODST Hell-Jumper Commandos in hand to hand combat.

He likely got far, far stronger as time went on, as we have incidents of him breaking Sanghelli necks with punches later (Elites are physically on equal footing with SPARTAN II's).

Catalytic Thyroid Implant- A platinum pellet containing HGH is implanted into the thyroid to further boost growth of skeletal and muscle tissues. This augmentation likely worked in sync with the muscular injections, and turned John into a titan of a man, standing well over 2 meters in height and weighing approximately 290 pounds.

Occipital Capillary Reversal- This augmentation provided John with a marked visual perception increase, and allows him to virtually see in the dark, even without his gear.

Superconducting Fibrication of Neural Dendrites- This is probably the game changing augmentation. This augmentation boosted John's reaction time to about 20 milliseconds, although Chief Mendez stated they are impossible to chart with any accuracy, and believes the SPARTAN II's reaction times are significantly faster in combat situations. We have evidence of that increased reaction time by John dodging a stun round fired by a trainer at point blank range during a training exercise.

This isn't counting the MJOLNIR MK. VI armor that John wears. The armor, coupled with Cortana's onboard interfacing with the armor and John, further increases John's strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. The Mark IV armor doubled John's strength, which was already pretty impressive, considering that all of the SPARTAN II's could lift double their weight (I'm assuming over their heads), which was double the norm due to the enhancements of their physiques. I can only assume that as the newer versions of MJOLNIR became available, the amplification of his abilities increased as well.

John takes this due to the massive physical disparities between him and Zero, and John's own remarkable skill in hand to hand and ranged combat.

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There you go, John won for being more supiror in any situation! Zero is just a man and Chief is 10 men in one (Not including the armor).

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Even with Zer0s invisibility and armor piercing weapon?

Chief has thermal vision, and armor piercing weapons won't do much if he can't even hit Chief. He's dodged point-blank shots before.

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@steelhound56: The Mark I series enabled regular soldiers and ODST's to lift 2tons and run just under 20mph for extended periods. And that's what they had to wear so as to not be accidentally killed by the un-armored S2's during training. Which makes them more badass.

The Mark !V was the first used by the S2's in the field, Mark V had the energy shield, and Mark VI had everything the previous versions had and then some. I believe physical strength was tripled and reaction/speed was increased 5x. Plus, aside from better overall systems, had its own internal medical system to inject bio-foam into the S2 in injured areas to stem bleeding, promote healing and keep them alive for as long as possible.

People should just be glad John-117 never got the Mark VII armor.