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No prep time, morals off.

Win by death.

MJ has a pistol, Red Mist has a katana.

Manhattan, NYC Is the battlefield.

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Red Mist isnt even a good fighter.

You know MJ actually was a registered super hero after Civil war and went by the name "Jackpot" ???

This isnt even close.

Also a pistol (assuming it comes with bullets and work) beats Katana any day , as long as both people are equally skilled.

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All MJ has to do is shoot Red Mist, it's quite an unfair fight unless he also had a gun. Is this the comic or movie versions of the characters?

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@Killemall: No Jackpot wasn't MJ her saying Tiger all the time was just a red-herring. Jackpots real name was Alana Jobson (who took the name from Sara Ehert and was then replaced by Ehert when she died). I would still favor MJ though she has had training from Captain America after all. Not to mention she's beaten a few of Spidey's low-tier enemies.