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Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat Mite from Worlds Funniest are at it again! When they said same time next week the Presence hear and banished them into the marvel omniverse. There going to do what they did last time and destroy everything!

Part 1. All of the Earths

Part 2. Every other planet in the multiverse

Part 3. Lower Abstracts ie Galactus, In-Betwener

Part 4. Medium Abstracts ie Eternity, Death

Part 5. High Abstracts ie LT, Beyonder

Part 6. The Supposed Greatest. ie Beyonder Doom, Clasic Strange, Shuma, Vishanti, Cyttorak, HOM Wanda, Scathan

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how's this a battle?

because I hope your joking about putting competitors against them.

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Part 1: Stomp

Part 2: Stomp

Part 3: Stomp

Part 3: Stomp

Part 4: Pretty sure Batmite and WF Mxy wins

Part 5: Cyttorak not even a factor. I think the rest would still lose.

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Mxy stomps batmite stomps

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lol how are they beating LT and Beyonder again? I do not see them stomping every round.

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LT stomps Mxy and Batmite himself in Round 5.

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They can't beat LT, Beyonder or Shuma... Everyone else they can take.

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LT stomps Mxy and Batmite himself in Round 5.

LT doesn't have feats that puts him greater than WF mxy and bat mite.

they may or may not pass PR beyonder, the others shouldn't be a problem.