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A russioan military base the environment is a combo of tights paces and large area's and overall its a very maze like structure inside.

black widow









captain america

iron fist

black panther






they all have their skills and weapon at their disposal and its every fighter for themselves to the death who would be the victor!

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No Karate Kid? I can understand that though, he would walk all over the rest of them

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Do they have to use skill or does Wolvorine fight like he has no skill like he normally does.

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For me it's either Spider-Man, Wolverine, or Iron Fist. I say this because...Spider-Man is a 10 tonner or more while the rest are atleast 1 or 2 tonnes, plus he's one of the agilest and fastest plus his webs could be a challengeWolverine is gonna take a lot to take down do to his healing factor and admantium clawsIron Fist because with his Chi he could hit harder than anyone else here. Being able to hurt Hulk or Skaar can't remember :/ If he lands a hit it's over for just about any of them ( Exluding Wolverine )So these are my reasons why.

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yeah iron fist with chi wins this imo. With chi his punches were sufficient to stop a train, thats more than 10 tons strength. Spidey at a close second. for reasons stated, and Black panther, deadpool and wolvey close behind. BP has his vibranium suit, so hes only getting hurt if bullseye maybe shoots him in the eye with a toothpick or something like that. Wolvey and deadpool because with their healing factor they are only getting put down by spidey or iron fist, by a KO or webbed down. But iron fist with chi beats spidey.

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@Immortal777: the strongest semi super powerd ones cant use all their skills so yeah wolverine is a mutant so his fight is sucky like the movies oh and mystique is in this as well

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I didn't even see Spiderman I think ill go with him

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I'll say Wolverine Spider or Iron Fist..

tough call due to IF's Chi and ability, Spidey's strength/agility/webs, and Logan's healing factor, claws and skeleton.

or black panther

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How is Shang Chi not in this?

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"spirit of the dragon!"

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Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Catwoman, Jason Todd, Black Cat, Bullseye and Nightwing don't belong on any "best" list of this kind.
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Every skill and weapon? Batman and Black Panther clean house.  
If it's just a dropped in battle randomly with regular items, Iron Fist, Psylocke or Spidey take it. 

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@Morpheus_: finally someone recognizes black widow she is bad ass she is tuff

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@Morpheus_: my vote black widow takes them all down

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If it's all equip and everything at their disposal Bats has this.

If it's standard equipment then what's preventing Psylocke from knocking out over half the combatants with psychic energy (the ones without mind control/manipulation defenses)?

In that case i have to say in the environment, Bats, BP, Cap, Wolv, Nightwing and Deadpool are the only ones that Psylocke can't KO immediately.

I can see Bats, NW and Deadpool teaming up first against BP/Cap and Wolv/Psylocke. The reason why I put Deadpool with Bats is because of his 4th wall breaking personality and it would be a "dream for DP" to team up with Bats (he teams up with fan favorite characters).

With those odds, I see Bats/NW/Deadpool alliance winning with DP being the eventual winner

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Batman would never, ever, team up with Deadpool.

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@MisterWhisper: Why not? It's not like Deadpool ever gives anyone a choice. He tags around like some lovesick puppy

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He is exactly the kind of person Batman can not stand, if he tried to team up, he would be the first person batman went after.

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No Cassandra Cain, Lady Shiva, Deathstroke, or Green Arrow?

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no taskmaster ? considering he can fight like everyone on the list he should be there.

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no Shang Chi,no Batgirl (Cassandra Cain),no Deathstroke,no Wonder Woman,no Bronze Tiger??? iI think you forget those fighters

Black Cat and Spiderman in this?? Seriously??

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If they have all of their weapons, Batman stomps.
Standard gear, it comes down to Psylocke, Batman, and Spider-Man. I'm not sure who'd win out of those three.

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@lizyatearita: Not the best of the best, but whatever But it will come down to Black panther and Batman, and I know who wins there

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Spiderman would imo. No Daken? :(

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My list: Lady Shiva, Bronze Tiger, Batman, Cassandra Kain, Shang Chi, Armless Master, Tim Drake, Black Canary, Iron Fist, Wolverine, Hawkeye (should be in Ronin guise though), Black Panther, Karate Kid, Moondragon, Wonderwoman, Nu'bia, Supergirl, Question

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Spider-Man wins. Not because he's a better fighter (because he isn't) but simply because he just physically outclasses them all by leaps and bounds plus he's got Spider-Sense.

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Spider-Man has the most skillz 'cause he trained with Shang Chi for a few weeks and used nerve strikes that one time.

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@Morpheus_ said:

Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Catwoman, Jason Todd, Black Cat, Bullseye and Nightwing don't belong on any "best" list of this kind.

You can add Elektra and Psylocke to that list.