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2 Matches: Marvel vs Cthulu and DC vs Cthulu.

Marvel and DC have all characters besides abstract level or higher.

Cthulu Mytrhos doesn't horrify on look, but can horrify over time.

No preparation.

Battle on capitol hill.

No morals.

Bloodlust on.

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Lovecraft's Cthulu was badly injured by a steamengine,

read the original books they are canon

anything else calling him a galactic universal abstract is merely internet fanwank and fan fiction

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Fo shizzle my nizzle?! So how come they are perceived in all centric on a universal when they are just ugly softies from the depths of space?

So in the cthulu cyberpunk setting in GURPS, the old ones should be dead quite easily for modified humans and arsenal.

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Newsflash Lovecraft died in March 1937, any stuff wrote after this is fan fic and non canon