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This is pretty much a battle royal of several teams with mixed member from Marvel and DC animated series or movies. Assume morals on and no prep unless stated otherwise. There is a twist though. There's two rounds, first round the four teams fight each other, final round they all fight team 6. Same rules for prep apply for the final round. All characters are from the movie or series shown only, if you don't know which their from ask and I'll tell you.

Team 1: Flying Blasting Girl Team-

Raven, Starfire, Blackfire and Ms. Marvel

Team 2: Prep Master, Stealth and Assassin Team- 12 hours prep, no morals

Black Panther, Taskmaster, Slade, Red Hood, Batman,

Team 3: Team Tech/ Armors- I hour prep

Iron Man, Cyborg, Batman Beyond (Terry Mcginnis), Spiderman Unlimited

Team 4: Humorously Obnoxious Team-Mates

Beast Boy, Nova, Nightcrawler, Kid Flash

Team 5: Team Leaders- 6 hrs prep, morals off

Robin/Red X, Captain America, Cyclops, Wolverine


Thor, Superman, Shazam, Hulk

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Thor, Superman, Captain Marvel, & Hulk will stomp. You can't stop that team.

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they do have plenty of prep though. and what about round one?

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Team 2 stops at Team 6. Team 6 wins.