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This is a battle between everyone featured in Marvel and everyone featured in DC, it will include the most powerful beings from both which would include:

Marvel- TOAA, Pre-Retcon Beyonder, Living Tribunal, Thanos w/HOTU, Galactus (Full power) and all the Celetials

DC- The Presence, Spectre, COIE Monitor, Cosmic Armor Superman, Lucifer Morningstar and Krona

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Really? Stalemate due to TOAA and the Presence.

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Whoevers fans cry louder!

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@MonsterStomp: Yeah I think they're about the same, I believe Pre-Retcon Beyonder and Thanos w/HOTU are stronger than all other DC characters except for probably Spectre.

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TOAA and Presence stalemate forever

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IN before lock!

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As evident by Marvel vs DC comics series and JLAvengers, regardless of who wins, all we comicbook fans lose....................... :(

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@Hemlin: I think this is far too broad of a question.