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Zeus has failed in the Duel against Black Adam and Atrocitus.Now Adam rules Asgard.

Black Adam,Ruler of Olympus

Now,as part of the deal Adam Made,he lets Atrocitus turn Every Olympian into Red Lanterns,including Zeus himself.

New Olympian Roster(All Red Lanterns have been trained by Atroc):
Black Adam with Hercules's Mace and pelt,and Storm-Breaker(Beta Ray Bill had been resting in Olympus when the invasion happened)
Red Lantern Gods-
Zeus(High Tier Lantern)
Beta Ray Bill(Had been caught in the crossfire of the invasion)
300 Average Olympians with weak rings
600 Olympian Beasts(Gorgons-no stone stare-,Centaurs,ect) without Rings.
Cerberus with Three Lantern Rings and training

After the Conquering of Olympus,Black Adam sets his eyes on Marvel Earth.He gathers his forces,but luckily Thor had found out about the impending invasion from BRB before he turned into a Red Lantern and had informed Earths Heroes.

Earths Forces:
OF Thor
Punisher With Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
Sentry,with Void but in Full Control
Hulk with Uni-Power(Blue Hulk)
Namor,freshly out of the water
Black Panther with Unlimited Prep and all of his Wakandians
All of the X-Men
All of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Captain America with a mimic of Thor's Hammer
Iron Man with prep and In a Amalgam of every one of his armors
Scarlet Witch(Not HOM)
Hank Pym with Unlimited Prep
Thor has called in help from the Annihilators
Silver Surfer(Only if without him it's a stomp)
Beat Ray Bill

The fight will start in Brazil,but can spread over anywhere on the Earth.
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Team one would crush @texasdeathmatch: Considering their rage? Probably a LOT. I know Atrocitus has fully purged himself of hope, love, and fear. He has only anger and hatred left. And even before he became a RL he killed manhunters and guardians like a BOSS. He is the sole survivor of an entire sector. Slaughtered his mentors who were demons with blood magic. Atrocitus is NOT to be trifled with. Thank joy girl