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I'm confident that this hasn't been made before and, even if it had, I wouldn't know what to search for.

The premise of this battle is a selection of street-city level superheroes from marvel face a never-ending number of waves of zombies and it's all about how many waves they can withstand before they are overcome.

The zombies are like generic Shaun of the Dead zombies. Slow, clumsy yet quite dangerous in large numbers.

The zombies increase by 1 wave by wave. For example, wave 1 has 1 zombie. Wave 2 has 2 zombies. Wave 3 has 3 zombies. So naturally it'll be a considerable amount of waves before the hero falls (particularly wave 20) and state the wave that you think they'll finally be overcome.

Full health replenishments at the end of every wave. Basically the hero starts every individual wave at their peak potential. However, once a hero has been bitten, he has 5 minutes to complete that round if its a full bite or 10 minutes if its a glancing bite.

The idea for this is to be my own personal thing. If this is successful then I can do one for Marvel Street Level Villains and the same for DC Street Level Heroes and Villains. Then perhaps other companies or stronger characters against stronger zombies. So feedback is appreciated on how to improve.

This is my first battle post so obviously there are areas to improve, may be things i'm missing and any friendly recommendations on improvement are welcome.

(All combatants carrying standard equipment and weapons unless otherwise stated) (Ammo is unlimited but reloading times to be taken into account)

Location is the entire of New York City. Combatants can use whatever they find in the vicinity as weapons if necessary

1. Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

2. Shang Chi

3. Wolverine (Healing factor reduced to Spider-Man levels so he doesn't automatically heal from all infections) - Adamantium skeleton

4. Deadpool (Healing factor also reduced to Spider-Man Levels) - Has 2 katanas and 2 machine guns and unlimited grenades)

5. Daredevil

6. Punisher (2 Shotguns, 2 pistols, 2 machine guns, a sniper rifle, unlimited grenades (frag and flash), unlimited knives, a grenade launcher with only 2 shots)

7. Hawkeye (with his custom-made bow. Unlimited ammo but still necessary time to draw arrow and fire must be taken into account)

8. Captain America (has his shield. Also has 2 pistols just in case)

9. Moon Knight (has 2 swords and two pistols)

10. Black Widow (2 pistols, unlimited knives, a sniper rifle, unlimited grenades, her gauntlets)

11. Gambit

12. Blade

13. Luke Cage (zombies really need to clamp down on him with their teeth extremely hard to pierce his skin. No lucky bites)

14. Falcon (Must spend 15 minutes on ground level to every 5 minutes he spends in air)

15. Iron Fist

16. Hank Pym and Wasp (wasp cannot fly above head height of zombies)

17. Beast

18. Winter Soldier (bionic arm, 2 pistols, 2 machine guns, unlimited knives, sniper rifle, unlimited grenades)

19. Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

20. All 19 combatants together as one team.

(Once again, its not exactly who will be able to go furthest, but how far each of them can go)

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pshh, if they keep getting replenished than they could go up to 100 waves

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They can go up to the 1000's.

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So it'd probably be easier if they start at a base amount of somewhere between 1000- 2500 zombies or something to get things going?