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Marvel Shootout Free-For-All

Base Scenario:

Characters are sent to an alternate Universe, stripped of their standard equipment and put on different locations with human guns and special ammo that pierces almost anything and teleports the victims away once a certain number of them are inside the victim's body (headshots count double).

Guns range from pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles and few Full auto machine guns (heavy and bolted on), they are scattered all over the place and are more than the heroes can carry.


  1. Ruined city.
  2. Ruined city starting at night.
  3. Middle-eastern city (no tall buildings, 2-3 stories max, hot and arid).
  4. Jungle (wild-life sound distraction, lots of vegetation, hot and humid).


  • Cable
  • Deadpool
  • Punisher
  • New Venom / Flash Thompson
  • Rulk (big target, so he's allowed to rip the big machine guns out of their emplacements).
  • Nick Fury


Last man standing on the arena gets to return home, who makes the cut?

Additional Scenario:

2 Characters are allowed to leave, and they may (or may not) make an alliance (or brake it at any time), what happens?

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Nobody likes a full on bullet fest?

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Punisher due to skill or Venom due to stealth.