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Marvel's team: Worldbreaker Hulk, The Sentry, Thor, Hercules, The Gladiator, Doctor Strange, Hyperion, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer and A-Bomb...vs DC's team: Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jordan), Green Lantern (Stewart), Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, Lobo, Captain Atom and Doctor Fate. Which team wins and why?

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New or Pre 52? And if pre-52, which Flash? Can Sentry go Void? Which Doctor Fate host?

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@JJ62: be more precise about the powerhouses,which version of sentry, which fate etc

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@dredeuced Barry Allen Flash, Sentry can't go void on this. They are all in character, but he can get powerful as he is capable of without going insane. Kent Neison is the Doc Fate...