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Emma Frost


Miss Marvel







Location: Empire state Building roof. Girls are bloodlusted. Guys are in character (I'm pretty sure Hulk is always bloodlusted)

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Emma mind-rapes all of them.

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So there is no way guys can pull a win here?

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@lorbo: prep? if prep Tony can find a tech way to counter TP. then guys wins. and without prep i doubt Emma can handle Hulk with TP

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If i remember right i believe tony has some TP resistance. Hulk does as well. Hulk just has to resist long enough to smash her. Ms Marvel is tough but she can take hulk and tony together. Spidey (if his mind isn't previously turned to jelly) would stomp a rouge who doesn't have ms marvels powers. If she does I still don't see her putting down hulk or tony they are both beasts these days.

Im not sure what was meant by the ops pictures. if storm is included than this is a stomp in the womens favor if not than the avengers win in a good fight.

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If it was pre-ANXM Emma, Marvel Ladies could pull the win after a good fight. Emma handling most of the team, aside from Hulk, by herself.

With current Emma, it could go both ways, the guys probably taking it most of the times. Unless Carol can go Binary, which I honestly don't know.

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This is basically Iron Man and MAYBE Hulk vs the Ladies, add in the fact that the girls are bloodlusted and the guys aren't makes this into a curbstomp in their favor.

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Carol BFR'd a skrull clone of Hulk into space already, because she knew she couldn't compete with him physically. I don't see why she can't do that again here.

Emma takes Spiderman and Hawkeye out almost instantly, and then it's 4 vs 1.

Iron Man can probably take most of them though, so I dunno. Though I'm curious how Tony would fair against Miss Marvel and her energy absorbing powers.

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Hulk solos

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Yeah Hulk does solo

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Team 2

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If Rogue drains Hulk this could be an excellent match. Also Spider-Woman has used her pheremones to influence the Hulk before.