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Only the Big 7 in the first season (before JLU)

  • Scenario 1: they hunt down the seven, one at a time (start with batman and ends up with superman)
  • Scenario 2: JL watchtower, the Illuminati are given the 'experience' and 'knowledge' of the entire HQ up to JLU and can use anything inside as weapons - JL team all at once
  • Scenario 3: Open field, Marvel Illuminati members have access to all their feats (yes, that includes crossovers too)

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Is that Brother Voodoo?

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They should be able to beat everyone(due to BRB), except Flash. So round one they stop at Flash, but could easily beat Superman. Round 2 they lose due to Flash. Round 3 ends up the same way as round 2.

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pretty sure BRB can solo,