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Galactus (fully fed)
Dark Phoenix


Paralax (zero hour)
Ion (classic)
Anti Monitor

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This is the way I see it:

Anti Monitor v.s. Galactus: If both are at full power the Anti Monitor takes it, he`s taken much more punishment than Galactus, and has shown to be able to absorb Universes when at less than full power.

Dark Phoenix v.s. Hal-Parallax: This one was done in one of CBUB`s issues, and Parallax pawned the Phoenix:


Parallax is just simply more powerful, more than enough to put the Phoenix down.

Ion v.s. Beyonder: If it`s pre-Retcon Beyonder he overpowers Ion, but if it`s the Post one, Ion destroys him.

Imperiex v.s. Abraxas: Abraxas.

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It depends on which beyonder cause pre recton beyonder solos this, post recton beyonder maybe loses to Imperiex. paralax maybe beats dark phoenix but the Galactus and abraxus win againt anybody on the list.

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I'm going with Marvel on this one.

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 I think DC wins this fight since its not the Classic Beyonder