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No rules. 
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...and not just hand to hand
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haha marv kicks the shit out of him 

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bump could go either way

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Ozy. Marv's durability is insane but Ozy can just stand there and beat on him, I think he's too fast.

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It would have to go down similar with frodo in order for marv to win, and still a bit more.

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While Ozy is faster Marv will not give up. Depending on where they are. I think that Marv is more recourseful and cqan use his surroundings better to his advantage. I think that Ozy is too fast though and will beat Marv.

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Ozzy is Peak human , waay fast & smarter then Marv , he wins here

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Ozy. Seeing how Marv struggled with Kevin, he's going to have a lot of trouble with the former Watchman.

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But if he handcuffs himself to Ozy. Then he'll win. Not sure if he'll get the chance to do that.

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Ozy win,,I love marv but he isn't skilled enough or fast enough ,,,Ozy would dodge anything he throws and dance around him all day

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Not sure what "not just hand to hand" means. Prep? Weapons?

But if we stick to hand to hand, it's a great fight. I basically agree that it's about agility and skill vs durability and strength. I'm going with Marv, 6/10.

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@BillyBonzo: true marv got run down by cars cracked with sledge hammers shot with automatic weapons slashed elecrocuted the list really is endless i would really call shit spite tbh :/ i mean ozy beat 2 low level street fighters but marv is a whole other ball game.

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marv in a stomping