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The Martians of Mars Attacks and the Aliens of Independence Day have each targeted Planet Bob, an exact replica of Earth located in another galaxy. Both species plan to have the planet for its resources and neither are willing to share. The two extraterrestrial species start deploying their forces in full-scale war - - in space and within the atmosphere of Planet Bob. Which extraterrestrial race do you believe comes out the victor, fleshlings?


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Martians stomp.

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Independence Day aliens ftw.

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Mars Attack aliens ftw!

Unless someone starts playing country music...

Thanks for reading,


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Man, Titan A.E. was a great movie. I'm going to have to watch that again.

On topic, I've never seen Mars Attacks, but I'm going to give it to Independance Day aliens since they blew stuff up sufficiently to give Michael Bay a heart attack of extreme joy.

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Mars attacks aliens.

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I guess it really depends on if the Mars Attacks Martians can penetrate the Independence Day Aliens' shields. And do we ever see how durable the Mars Attacks' saucers are? I can't remember.

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Depends on various things, but I think the martians would win. In a battle outside of ships the martians would stomp. The ID4 aliens were physically more imposing and armored, but the martians had those ray guns that harnessed the power of the sun and would disintegrate anything it fired upon. They also had enough of the saucers to deal with the smaller ships that the ID4 aliens had.

The only problem I can see the martians having is with the mother ship. But then again, if the mother ship was able to be infected by a computer virus from 1990s computer technology, I don't see why the martians of far superior intellect wouldn't come up with the same thing.

They also have that device that absorbed a nuclear missile and turned it into helium.

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