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@Buckshot said:

@AweSam said:

@Buckshot: No, you guys just keep bringing up the intangible thing. Are they supposed to stand there and wait until he gets tired or something?

Nah, they could just assault him telepathically, transmute him into something, drain the energy from his body, blast him with red sun radiation, unphase whenever he's open and smack him around, or they could just shape shift into Flashes and taunt him until he wets himself.

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@AweSam: I would ask you to show me where I'm wrong, but your track record so far leaves me doubtful that it would get us anywhere.

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They clear this gauntlet

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they can clear it... thor and majestros will be harder

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They clear it

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They clear it

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From OP: The two Swiss army knives of superheroing

This is why they clear. They are so versatile, and so powerful, they will find a way to win.