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Black Canary


Iron Fist


Captain America



All in a martial arts war. They are in a huge empty dojo with cement walls and nothing else. They are only allowed to fight in unarmed combat, no gadgets, weapons, or powers. Who comes out alive?

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Hahahahaha thats f#@&^% funny I'm craking the f#@! up.DO it again do it again.

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This is wack , bucky is an amputee

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I am thinking Iron Fist should win this battle in the end
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Yeaaaah.Sam here Saturn

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Hm....I want to say Captain America..but I don't know if he can handle Iron fist in a hand to hand combat. He is trained in that feild..
I will hand this to the Cap

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out of dc fighters here, only batman and Batgirl can go on, the rest would killed in first three seconds. Bucky too. out of the rest....i don't know. I think Daredevil is slightly beneath Cap and bat's level, so he's out. that leaves Batman, Batgirl, Iron Fist and Captain America. Anything goes.

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King Saturn said:
"I am thinking Iron Fist should win this battle in the end