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New 52 Justice League


  • No BFR
  • Standard gear
  • No prep
  • Fight to death or KO
  • No morals bloodlusted
  • No knowledge on each other
  • Fight takes place in the Avengers Masion living room
  • 10 meters apart

Could the Justice League take down a being who is compressed of the negative emotions of a billion billion beings (hate, fear, etc)?

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Justice League more often than not.

Mangog vs Superman by itself is a good fight. Granted Mangog is stronger and more durable, Superman is faster and more versatile.

Adding the whole league make it rather one sided.

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@Killemall: Well Batman, Aqua Man, Flash, and Cyborg can't even hurt him. There rather distractions. It's just basically Hal, Diana, and Clark.