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@p0rtal @djangophile @audiorift

You need to pull back the sensitivity. Lvenger's comment was sarcastic sure, but hardly mean-spirited. But fine, I'll bite, since I'm too bored right now.

- MoS is not 'Golden Era Superman'. That is a nonsensical connection that has no proof. And refer to the OP, there is already a roster of Avengers there. You cannot just pull Giant Man out of your bum just because he's going to have a movie in the future. As of now, the character does not exist in the MCU and more importantly, has no bearing in this fight at all because he's not in it.

- MoS Superman has never shown to have any weakness against magic. And Thor does not have the Odinforce. He has his own power and powers that come from Mjolnir, but he does not possess the Odinforce which belongs to - surprise surprise - Odin.

- Her senses were overloaded and she was taken by surprise. What is so hard to comprehend about that? And how can someone who has never seen the movie write an entire review about it?

- There is nothing backing the claim that the suit and tech were stronger than yellow-sun empowered Kryptonians. Not to mention saying 'Faora can't handle missiles so Superman can't' is an inaccurate comparison devoid of context and is ABC logic. The world engine was terraforming the planet, causing massive damage and clearly powerful, not to mention that Superman was weakened when he actually stopped it (because the machine was sapping his strength by changing Earth's atmosphere to a Kryptonian one'. Also worth noting that while Hulk did stop the Chitauri Leviathan, it was actually an additional missile shot by Iron Man that destroyed it. I don't even recall Superman being 'knocked out', save for the early scene where he lifted an oil rig (when he was still a novice and untrained), and the rig collapsed on itself, it wasn't even for lack of strength.

- Again, Ant-Man has no relevance to this battle. And my Shark-Sense is telling me you were the same person making all three posts, overreacting as a result of you taking far too much offense to Lvenger's first response, not to mention having a flawed and fallacious argument. Overcompensation indeed. Lvenger's post was hardly a 'brash insult' or 'troll' or even 'snobbish'. So just chill.

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Superman wins

good day

@veshark said:

Are these three like all the same person or something?


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man of steel wins in a picosecond

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Could go either way. Thor and Hulk could give the guy a ruun for his money but in the end SM would win. However, Loki's motherf**kery would make it a hard battle. We'll see once Thor 2 has come out.

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...I am legitimately stumped by the three who've responded to me. I think I'll abandon thread for a while till this blows over

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@veshark: Thanks for clarifying my intentions up mate. Though the fact you needed to it to these guys is worrying.

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Avengers FTW

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@lvenger: I don't think you should leave, you have done a fantastic job.

good day

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@theonetaichou: Thanks but I doubt my points are being understood by some people.

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@lvenger said:

@veshark: Thanks for clarifying my intentions up mate. Though the fact you needed to it to these guys is worrying.

All good, it kinda befuddled me too. I wasn't really going to, but the Pacific Rim trailer was taking way too long to buffer on my crappy connection, so I had some time to kill ;)

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@lvenger said:

@theonetaichou: Thanks but I doubt my points are being understood by some people.

"A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it." Agent K - Men In Black

good day

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One of the big problems when comic book fans debate on the movie versions of their character, is that they sometimes aren't aware of the assumptions they are making about movie characters(powers, etc.) based on their comic book versions. (Schemas can get blurred)

For example, unless the concept of "Odinforce" was specifically introduced in the Thor movies, there is no reason to assume it exist and the mechanics of Thor's power use it. I don't think its trolling, I think sometimes(even outside of the topic of comics) people forget to check their assumptions extensively enough before they post. And by "sometimes", I mean "most of the time".

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@theonetaichou: Nice quote. I do love that film.

@veshark said:

@lvenger said:

@veshark: Thanks for clarifying my intentions up mate. Though the fact you needed to it to these guys is worrying.

All good, it kinda befuddled me too. I wasn't really going to, but the Pacific Rim trailer was taking way too long to buffer on my crappy connection, so I had some time to kill ;)

I saw the trailer for Pacific Rim in my viewing of Man of Steel. Looked pretty good to me.

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@lvenger: Uh dude, I'm on your Side for this debate, did I say anything that sounded like Superman would have any trouble with them?

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@cybrilious4: Apologies, your last post I must have taken out of context.

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There is literally nothing the Avengers can do to hurt Superman. He was never hurt by anything.

Him taking the World Engine (destroyed freaking planets) with just ripples on his cheeks, pretty much proves he's invulnerable as far as Marvel characters are concerned.

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Watching movie today with son :) Will have opinion later.

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Giant Man is more than enough to take Superman out. Feora hands Superman his butt 1v1 yet almost dies from a small army missile. Hulk and Thor get pummeled with advanced alien tech that is far far beyond standard missiles from our army, yet a lot of them? How many things hit Hulk in the Avengers again? Answer: A lot more than the single missile that almost killed Feora, who in turn almost killed Superman. Giant Man can probably lift 10x the metal rigging that Superman was almost crushed by. Mjolnir and Odinforce attacks would absolutely incinerate Superman. Iron Man and Hank are insanely smart and intelligent, Superman has average human level intelligence. Superman stands no chance here. None. Iron Mans lasers are more than enough to slice Superman in half, if Zods laser eyes couldnt slice through 5+ft cement walls on the last scene of the movie.

lol this is utterly bad

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@veshark said:

Are these three like all the same person or something?

i was just about to post this

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Okay, just literally watched them back to back, I'd call it pretty even. I think Thor and Hulk would be on par with Superman, and considering Superman showed he could handle 2 on 1, it's a wash.

As for which movie was better, Man of Steel > Avengers

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I think supes wipe out the everyone except for Thor and hulk which there's a showdown but hulk and Thor eventually win.

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I don't understand people voting for MoS. Mainly for these two reasons:

-Speed: was not able to save his father

-Strength: we can see the effort he had to deploy to, barely, save these man from a few tons of metals

I saw some people trying to explain the second point, but it was only speculative.

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@buckshot said:

Don't mean to get on you, but you keep saying things that bring up questions for me. Maybe I'm mistaken or confused by the arrangement of your response, but it seems like you're citing Thor "dropping abstracts" and "busting planets" in the current issue of his comic. I don't recall him doing so, could you point it out to me? As far as I saw, Thor was able to drop Gorr, but he's not an abstract being, and the closest he got to "busting planets" was destroying small chunks of a moon that Gorr was throwing at him. One caption does mention "the shattering of worlds around him" but I wouldn't put that all on Thor, especially given that Gorr is the one that's been destroying planets, and because even if we credit Thor with the feat, we'd have to note that the effort he's expending that's producing this destruction is literally ripping him apart as he does it. His bones were rattling, his fingers cracking, and his muscles tearing.

We have already discussed this in that Thor thread before . There is absolutely no ground for dismissing the narrative as the usual hyperbole that people always associate with Thor's feats , not when we were actually shown an inhabited world(liberally referred to as a moon in the comic) about to completely crumble until Thor broke out of his clash with Gorr to save the day .

Thor getting ripped apart was largely thanks to the pain being brought upon him by Gorr .

And I would love to hear how exactly did Gorr's slashing attacks contribute to that fight , because the logic behind the nature of such a type of attack causing the same type of destruction that would be expected of blunt force attacks befuddles me . Unless you want to argue that his skull being a sponge for Mjolnir's bashing somehow amped the force generated from those strikes ?

Anyways(not directed at you Buckshot) , the fact that the old man with whom Banner conversed after he awoke , literally confirmed that the Hulk was awake when he fell , makes the idea that the Hulk was KO'd from that fall retarded intriguing at best .

Also , pretty sure isaac was referring to Thor KOing the Phoenix Force in AvX when he made that "abstract-dropping" comment . Not that it's an impressive feat by any means , considering how the PF has historically had a sh1tty durability , but I would wager a few bucks that Thor making Galactus scream like a b1tch in Mighty Thor # 4 more than makes up for it .

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Thor and Hulk (surprise surprise) will be his biggest threat here. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man gets dispached quick assuming Superman is willing to kill

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That's what I was referring to:

The fight that consisted of Thor hitting hard enough to have his bones rattle and harder with each next hit. Sure you could argue it's all hyperbole but we already have earlier in this series making the claim Mjolnir shatters planets like pepples and now this showing where Thor and Gorr's fight is causing the planetoids around them to shatter - Thor taking a break from this fight to prevent the destruction of the nearby planet (via that earth manipulation from Gaea's blood line in him). It's tough not to take that caption and run with it considering these showings on panel for me - maybe it's all Gorr's doing - I'm just not under that impression. If it was implying it was an effortless action on his part I apologize - that wasn't my intent. But it is still annoying to have MKF30 hear announce the superiority of Superman to the Avengers in comics despite many of the current having some showings that would make New 52 Superman blush.

Yeah I got that impression from your post in the 'most impressive battle of the week' given the outright insanity of it all - young Thor's appearance was hilariously awesome in this exchange with Gorr.

They weren't planetoids , but actual inhabited worlds .

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Holy Crud, there is so much wrong with this insane statement that I am not sure where the hell to begin. I'll try though, I'm bored. My responses are in bold.

@lvenger said:

@p0rtal: Unfortunately I have seen the new Man of Steel film. Otherwise I wouldn't be commenting on this thread.

Gosh, it really seems like you saw clips and heard things from others about the movie, but didn't actually see the movie yourself, Lvenger

@djangophile said:

Excuse me, but is this site called InsultVine? A place for someone who doesn't know you to insult you freely? Who are you to insult my knowledge of the characters when it is clear you never saw the new Superman movie to begin with? Clearly, you didn't see it, because Feora was almost killed by one standard army missile, yet Hulk in the Avengers was covered in spray fire from advanced alien technology AND army gunfire earlier? Where is your logic? Grow up and learn how to accept the views of others without insulting them.

I am merely pointing out the flaws in your post. Faora was KOed because the missile destroyed her helmet, opening her senses up to the vast exposure of the world. It's how Superman got a leg up on Zod. Please refrain from trying to make me appear like something I'm not. If you want an objective, 'non insulting' post as you seem to think I'm doing, your flaws are as thus

So you are a giant snob and jerk who thinks its okay to insult others at random?

  • Giant Man doesn't even exist in the MCU. And even insuniuting the guy is stronger than Superman is ludicrous
  • Mjolnir does not possess the Odinforce. At all. You're mixing up the comic book and the movie version. Besides Mjolnir clearly isn't magic in the film. Iron Man's armour absorbed Thor's lightning handily thus showing the non magical properties of Mjolnir's attacks
  • The Faora thing I've covered above
  • Hulk was taken down by a group of Chitarui warriors. Superman resisted the gravitational pull of the World Engine which was decimating the area around him and at the same time weakening him due to the Kryptonian atmosphere. And yet, he still managed to stand up, resist and fly straight through the machine. I'd say that's a pretty good feat, better than what the MCU Hulk has done. Plus his fight with Zod that trashed Metropolis left neither him or Zod tired out
  • So I'm afraid it is you who lacks logic and needs to actually research the characters being discussed along with reading the OP correctly.

-Giant Man has showcased vastly more physical strength than the Golden Era Superman. You don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about, Lvenger.

-Where the hell did it tell you in the Avengers movie or the Thor movie that Mjolnir didn't have any magic or Odinforce? Lightning shot out of it, it was recalled to him when he wanted it, he flew with it, he changed the weather. Nah, no magic or Odinforce at all...no offense Lvenger but you are clinically insane.

-You've covered nothing about Feora here. Feora was blasted with a missile, she was rocked to her core. With her helmet off, she gained more power, painful probably, but still power there none the less. She was KO'ed and almost died from a small yeild missile. Where did you cover this part? Oh, thats right you didn't. Because you didn't actually see the movie.

- Superman can't handle missiles, since Feoras suit and tech was stronger than he was and went down via a small missile. The gravity machine wasn't exactly super powerful now was it man? It lifted cars and debris off the ground, it didn't rip the ground out or break buildings near by did it? You'd know this if you saw the movie. Hulk stopping the Chritauri Worm Ship with a jab is much more impressive than Superman getting knocked out by a Train car, a small I beam when Zod smacked him with it, and a mulitude of other things like this.

-I'm the one who is sorry to have to respond to your nonsense post. Ant Man does exist now in the Avengers story arc, hes getting his own movie. Its official. He is part of it and will be part of it in the near future. Now. What I do not understand is why you gain the right to make fun of others. I realize this is the internet, but seriously grow up. There was nothing in that kids post to merit such a response from you. You are just one of those guys who loves comics and certain characters or movies so much, that you will defend it against anyone who has an opposing view.

- Giant Man's name is Nam-Ek. In the MoS movie, he didn't display much strength feats, other than tossing Supes around, so that's speculation. If you're referring to his comic counterpart, that makes your argument null.

- Did Mjolnir have magic? Yes, but did Thor tap into the Odinforce and was it even mentioned/acknowledged in the movie? No and no. We don't even know if MoS Supes is vulnerable to magic, he most likely is, since its a must with Kryptonian physiology, but we haven't seen magic in the movie, so we have no clue if he's vulnerable to it.

- The suit semi-protected them from the Sun's radiation. She wasn't fully powered by it, and didn't have her defenses all the way up. Didn't Supes survive? And Faora had her Solar visor on before the missle hit her, which is understandable as to how she was almost KO'd.

- How were their suits stronger than he was? You're making an assumption that he isn't. He did tank heat vision and bullet didn't he? The point of the World Engine wasn't to destroy anything, the point of it was to expand the planet by terraforming. Superman went INSIDE where most of the damage was being done and where it would be really hard. He had to fight through the gravitational pull to get to the other side and then used the force of the gravity behind him to push him forward to destroy it.

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Superman takes this because he is insanely fast and has shown the ability to fight more than one enemy at the same time.

Supes takes this 7/10

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@heymanjack: yeah iron man could be a little annoying though, max the team would last 2 minutes, (that's actually a long time fore a fight to last) then the hulk & Thor vs superman fight should take roughly about the same time it took superman to take out nam-ek and faora, (they were basically the movie versions of hulk & wonder woman lol.......i'm pretty late aren't i? sorry, new guy an all that

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THOR wins

#280 Posted by JordanIsntSuper (42 posts) - - Show Bio

I think MOS superman would beat the avengers. That's just how powerful superman is.

#281 Posted by Wolverine08 (46465 posts) - - Show Bio


#282 Posted by GoldKing (431 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman stomps movie Avengers

#283 Posted by dondave (39081 posts) - - Show Bio


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I like how people pretend Clark was invulnerable or could handle multiple opponents or was fast at all in the film.

He was literally out cold face in the street at one point when he was combo-ed against by Nam-Ek and Faora. He certainy was depicted as regularly feeling pain throughout the film and at times it did put him down. Most of the time he was no-faster than Thor and friends in his film, happily grappling with his opponents.

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for the one millionth time MOS wins

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@isaac_clarke: I know. People are acting like his h2h movements were amazing and he was moving like Flash, running circles around everybody, displaying multiple limbs through speed and speedblitz'ing the crap out of everybody, when in fact he was actually fighting like an average human being when he's not in the air.

You know... Like these:



The fact is, he was actually fighting like this, when he's not in the air:


#288 Posted by Equilbrium (229 posts) - - Show Bio

Clark wins. He speed blitz(no one in Avengers showed anything impressive about their speed) every single one on the team or just use heat vision.

The characters in the avengers are weak compared to MoS.

#289 Posted by RudeBomberBoy01 (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

^see what I mean?

#290 Posted by godzilla44 (3921 posts) - - Show Bio

@rudebomberboy01: he actually did speed blitzed Zod

Also he's the strongest and most durable one in the fight

#291 Posted by 18hunt (2952 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman stomps them

#292 Edited by PrinceAragorn1 (22723 posts) - - Show Bio

Idk how many times people are bumping this, but MOS is still going to win. Way too much combat speed, way better stats, and way better feats.

#293 Edited by RudeBomberBoy01 (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

@godzilla44: That was a bullrush, same thing Thor did to Malekith after he deflected a Mjolnir swing from Thor.

Superman's initial h2h movements are comparable/identical to Thors'.

#294 Posted by Wardemon32 (5407 posts) - - Show Bio


Before I even pop up a gif or video....wouldn't it be common sense to say that his speed is just going to pick up even more and more under the suns radiation meaning that saying that his speed with Thor is irrelevant? I mean if two cars can go 0-60 at the same time but one of the cars acceleration picks up what is the point in complaining and pointing out how their the same initially?

And no they are not identical. Not that it matters.

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@18hunt said:

Superman stomps them

#296 Posted by Vaeternus (9410 posts) - - Show Bio

Idk how many times people are bumping this, but MOS is still going to win. Way too much combat speed, way better stats, and way better feats.


#297 Posted by isaac_clarke (5545 posts) - - Show Bio

@rudebomberboy01: he actually did speed blitzed Zod

Also he's the strongest and most durable one in the fight

That is a bullrush (not even, but lets entertain it) and Thor's done it better in the films:

He eyes his friends about to become monster chow, twirls his hammer and proceeds to cover the distance they ran in about six seconds and blasts a hole in his target that had no idea what was comming.

Idk how many times people are bumping this, but MOS is still going to win. Way too much combat speed, way better stats, and way better feats.

The only better stats he has are speed and heat-resistance. Pot-hole making attacks knocked him out cold in the film.

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Avengers are gonna win. I believe Thor and Hulk combination will beat Superman

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@wardemon32: I have no idea what you're talking about.

When Superman was on the ground fighting Nam-Ek, Zod and Faora, he was swinging punches like an average human being, there were no speedblitz'ing, just regular 'I punch you, you punch me' fight. There was NO speed displayed in their ground h2h fights... NONE at all. Their speed in the air is what's amazing, not their ground combat speed.

#300 Edited by Wardemon32 (5407 posts) - - Show Bio


This looks average to you?

And I'm saying that even if they just so happened to be the same speed why does that matter if Superman is only going to get faster and faster? Or why would it matter if Thor doesn't have any punching feats to say it could cause harm to Superman?